The Smell, Not the Taste, is the Peak of Happiness for a Pizza-Lover a Study Reveals

There’s a great deal why pizza is considered a “happy food” not only in the western side of the globe but also here in the east. The happiness one experiences when eating a pizza isn’t just pure bliss but has a scientific basis.

A scientific research made by DiGiorno has found out that the level of happiness varies when one eats pizza and revealed that happiness peaks when smelling the pizza using real emotion tracking technology.

Pizza Taste, pizza smell

During the study, three separate pizza parties were thrown. Each party was composed of eight pizza-lovers with 40 high-resolution cameras to perfectly capture the emotions of the guests. The cameras captured the reactions of the guests as the pizzas were cooked, served and eaten by guests. They processed the captured images using custom software that recognizes the facial expressions and emotions of the party-goers.

The result of the patterns identified were based on the levels of “JOY” seen from the guests on a per minute basis subtracted from the JOY level when they arrived at the party. After calculating the patterns in emotion using Google’s Vision API, a powerful application that sees and analyses content of images, results were revealed.

It was found out that during the entire party, the highest level of JOY seen from the participants was during the “that smells great” part. It scores 24 percent on the JOY scale of the study which was the highest score seen all throughout each party. When finally being served, the “it looks good” part scores 20 percent JOY points. What’s surprising is when the actual eating of the pizza has taken over where the JOY points dropped to 11 percent.

DiGiorno doesn’t market on how pizzas should actually taste or smell. What it sells is the happiness it brings to every pizza-lover. The social experiment proves that pizza brings certain level of joy to people.

There’s no denial that pizza is a slice of heaven on earth. The tons of cheese, vegetables, meat, and relish toppings will truly make your mouth ooze with hunger and delight. Even just a thought of having a pizza right after a long day at work or school can make you happy. So whenever you feel lonely or blue, yield to your emotions. Why not grab some pizza?

*Featured image and main photo courtesy of DiGiorno
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