Pizza Hut Panalo Promos for the win!

Pizza Hut Philippines, one of the well-loved pizza brands in the country, never fails to upgrade its product offerings and innovate promotions that make fans always very excited! Pizza Hut can truly bring enjoyment and satisfaction to “every Juan” without breaking his tight budget.

Just recently, Pizza Hut has launched its Panalo Pizza, Panalo Add-ons, and Family and pair packages. These are perfect for celebrating the love month.

Who can resist Pizza Hut’s delicious pizza, pasta, and garlic bread? I know that you are going to second the motion when I say that they are best paired with your favorite ice cold softdrink from Pepsi Cola! Why don’t you go to the Pizza Hut branch near you to indulge or head to its website and have your favorite combo be delivered right on your doorstep.

Panalo Pizza

You can enjoy your favorite pizza by yourself or with your friends and family with Pizza Hut Panalo Pizza. For ₱79, ₱149, and ₱199, you can get your choices of regular, medium, and large pizza with the following variants: Bacon, Hawaiian, or Pepperoni ‘n Bacon.

Panalo Pizza

Pizza Hut Panalo Add-ons

Your Pizza Hut Panalo Pizza is best paired with a wide variety of side dishes and drinks. Just add ₱25 and get Cream of Mushroom Soup, Chocolate Sundae, or 12 ounce softdrink; ₱50 to avail Carbonara Personal Pasta, Bolognese Personal Pasta, or Sausage Bites; and ₱75 to grab Chicken with Rice or Caesar Salad.

Pizza Hut Panalo Add-ons 1
Panalo Triple Treat Box

Are you extremely craving for pizza and pasta? Give in and get a Panalo Triple Treat Box. This is composed of two Regular Panalo Pizza, two Personal Spaghetti Bolognese, one Garlic Bread, and four 12 ounce-soda. Pizza choices are Bacon, Hawaiian, Cheese Burger, and Pepperoni while soda choices are Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and 7Up. To upgrade Spaghetti Bolognese to Carbonara, just add ₱10.

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Hot Deals- Two Family Pizzas for ₱499

Everyday is cheat and treat day with Pizza Hut’s Hot Deals- Two Family Pizzas for only ₱499.

Hot Deals

Panalo Pizza Party

Have a fun-filled and truly satisfying pizza party right in the comfort of your home. Pizza Hut Panalo Pizza Party promo is a sure hit! It is composed of two large Panalo Pizza, two Personal Spaghetti Bolognese, and one 1.5 liter Pepsi or Mountain Dew.

Panalo Pizza Party

For more details go to Pizza Hut Philippines website.

*Featured photos courtesy of Pizza Hut Philippines

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