PHLPost issue postage stamps to boost tourism

Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) has supported the moved of Parañaque Rep. Eric Olivarez author of House Bill (HB) 5362, requiring the Philippine Postal Service (PhlPost) to print postage stamps depicting Philippine tourist spots. The Philippines is slowly getting a lot of tourist arrivals for the past few years and featuring the country’s tourist destination spot could further boost the promotion of these places.

Banaue Rice Terraces stamp
Banaue Rice Terraces stamp

The proposed bill requires that these stamps be affixed on all outgoing mail matter for a certain period of time to attract foreign tourist and for other purposes.

PHLPOST Tourism stamp 2
Miagao Church featured in 1970’s by the postal corporation

According to PHLPost, a postage stamp acts as an ambassador for the country because they always tell stories about the beautiful places as it travels around the world through the postal service.

PHLPOST stamps issued few years ago
stamps featuring tourism spots issued few years ago in 2008

In the hearing presided by Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez, Chairperson of the Committee on Tourism, the bill seeks to accelerate tourism promotion efforts by spreading and make known the existence of the famous tourism destinations in the country.

The postage stamps will surely arouse the interest of tourists about these areas and of the extraordinary beauty of these Philippine Tourist destination spots like Boracay, Palawan, Bohol among others.

The Philippine Postal Corporation will print the stamps depicting tourist areas in the country.

PHLPOST tourism stamp
tourism stamp featuring Mount Mayon

The purpose is to trigger awareness and information about the tourist’s areas which the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Promotions Board can provide that could attract foreigners to visit the Philippines.

According to the website, The department aims the country to be the destination hub and their destination strategy is to achieve the projected growth in tourist numbers and expenditures over the next decade. the Central Philippines will have to move to an investment-driven strategy.

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