Philips Launches MOM for Moms Campaign

Innovation may have brought wonders in the field of medicine but maternal mortality rate in our country, pegged at 162 deaths per 100,000 live births (2015 data) is still too high despite this number decreasing in the past few  years.


Understanding the problems facing Filipino moms nowadays, Philips recently launched the “Philips MOM for Moms” campaign which aims to raise awareness on the problems of maternal mortality in the Philippines.  The campaign also aims to help Filipino moms on how they should stay healthy during their pregnancy with the potential of a mobile technology app that can address some of the root causes of maternal mortality.

Data show that next to cancer and heart related deaths, maternal deaths is still a major concern by the Department of Health. There are many contributing factors but among the most common are: delays in reaching appropriate centers; delays in health care provision for expectant mothers; and delays in seeking medical help for expecting mothers.


Delay in obtaining necessary health care is one of the most important factor to this problem. In a today’s high tech world it shouldn’t be the main cause of maternal death. Philips, the leading health technology company, that has been in the Philippines for more than 60 years, has been tirelessly working to help prevent, treat and ultimately empower every Filipino. Philips saw the opportunity to introduce an innovative solution to address the root causes of the Philippines’ high maternal mortality rate.

With the launch of “MOM (Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring (MOM) for Moms,” this software solution will allow healthcare workers to assess the progress of a mother’s pregnancy as well as get diagnostic assistance thru smart phones or any other mobile devices available.


More importantly, this software app can help obstetricians, gynecologists and midwives to remotely monitor the health of pregnant mothers and how they are the progressing during the course of their pregnancy. MOM was first introduced in Indonesia, where statistics also showed higher maternal mortality rate. The software can easily detect high-risk pregnancy.

The “Philips MOM for Moms” can empower expectant moms in the Philippines to maintain good health through pregnancy and to support the existing maternal health program of the country through Philips innovation.

Philips aims to support Filipino moms by giving them opportunities for them to be healthier and more confident throughout their pregnancy while increasing access to quality maternal health care for all.

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