Phantom Chaser Review

Phantom Chaser is an auto-play Role Playing Game (RPG) from Floppygames Inc. This game allows players to control multiple phantoms to defeat their enemies. The mobile RPG has a lot of interesting concepts and incredible graphics, so let’s break them down in this month’s mobile game review.

phantom chaser

The story of Phantom Chaser starts with warriors Black Dragon and Phoenix attempting to seal the dimensional rift. Unfortunately, the great warriors fail in their mission and Black Dragon needs to sacrifice himself while Phoenix is nowhere to be found. Now it is up to the player to lead the other phantoms in their campaign to close the dimensional rift and bring peace to the land.

As epic as the story sounds, it gets a little confusing the more the players progress. The game has so many sub-plots that it makes the introduction feel out of place.

The game’s graphics are incredible for a mobile game, it almost feels like playing a PC Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The characters are really expressive and the special attacks feel cinematic at best.


Phantom Chaser has a very unique party system, which consists of a three-man active party in the front and three “mimic” members at the back. Mimic in Phantom Chaser act as the support to either aid or buff the active party. There is also an elemental triangle that affect the phantoms strengths and weaknesses depending on their attributes.

The game’s combat system is its strong suit because it encourages experimentation on dealing with opponents. Players can also level-up their phantoms with spirit fires and upgrade their stats further with upgrade stones. Learning to level-up these phantoms can be easy, but sadly the game’s tutorials can be a bit delayed at times. Beginners might have a hard time figuring out the mechanics at first.

For a freemium RPG, there seems to be a lack of login bonuses and monthly rewards. This could discourage a lot of free to play users and we hope this gets fixed in the future.

Overall, the game’s flaws might overshadow it’s amazing gameplay but we hope that phantom chaser improves in the upcoming patches.


Overall Score:


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