How Having a Pet Can Make Us Healthier and Happier

Owning a cute furry pet can greatly improve the quality of your life. Do you know that cats are considered extremely useful animals?  According to the recent studies, having a cat has actually physical, mental and emotional benefits. Well, cat owners live longer and get sick less frequently, moreover, they can also deal with stressful situations better and have greater self-esteem.  

Why do pets make you happier and healthier? If you really want to know, here are 10 reasons why owning a cat can make you a better and happier person or how a furry four-legged friend can change your life for the better.

Having a cat reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack

Owning a cat can be very beneficial for your heart health. Studies show that people who have cats at home are 30 % less likely to die from a heart attack, stroke and other heart diseases than non-pet owners. People who live with cats have lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels, meaning that they have a lower risk of dying from heart disease and, in general, owning a cat leads to a healthier heart. By the way, high-risk individuals can decrease their risk of heart diseases and prolong their lives by getting a cat.

Owning a pet helps you keep blood pressure low

A higher risk of cardiovascular diseases can be also caused by a high blood pressure. Cats help lower blood pressure even during stressful situations and, in most cases, they do a better job than medications. So having a cat can help the owner decrease blood pressure by easing stress.

Pets can naturally calm your nerves, relieve stress and anxiety

A wonderful benefit of having furry friends is that they can help us become relaxed, calm and stress-free. Have you ever noticed that even just watching cat videos on YouTube can help calm you down and make you a happier person? Thus, petting your furry four-legged friend can soothe you when you’re wound up and their purrs can really reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Cats can provide you a good sleep

If you`re a bad sleeper, a cat can help you address this issue and have a good night’s sleep. Researchers found that cats are more than 2 times more likely to help you sleep better than they are to prevent you from sleeping.

Getting a cat reduces the risk of developing allergies

Children that grow up with pets can lower risk of developing certain allergies. Kids who live with cats have a much stronger immune system and very low chances of developing allergies in adulthood.

Pets can improve your mood

What makes us happy? Of course, a sense of purpose! Having a pet to care for can lead to the development of this sense. When you’re grooming, feeding and playing with your furry friend, you find the meaning of life. The feeling that your cat needs you helps you realize your self-worth. Caring for your pet creates strong feelings of love and attachment that naturally elevate your mood.

Besides, this process has also the scientific evidence because when you’re caring for your cat, such hormone as dopamine associated with pleasure and reward is released and its level increases in your body. So your four-legged friend makes you feel peaceful and much happier.

Getting a cat makes you more disciplined

After getting a furry friend, you should establish a routine to care for. You have to take the time to play, eat, take a bath and relax. In this case, it`d be better to make a daily schedule and stick to it because such schedule can increase your ability to stay more disciplined and cope with other areas of your life.

Cats help you make friends

If you`re a cat owner, you can use the chance to open up a great potential of social networks that can connect cat lovers! Use this opportunity and make new friends who are also crazy about cats!  

Having a pet helps you fight depression

You know, unfortunately, depression affects millions of people and having a pet can really help combat its symptoms. This happens because a cat is considered as a natural booster for your mood and, thus, increase your happiness. Moreover, your pet provides a way to add routine, responsibility and social activity on those days that might otherwise not include such components. So living and interacting with a cat can make people with depression feel much better and gradually get rid of its symptoms.   

Getting a pet can promote self-love and self-esteem

Most psychologists say that having a cat can help you love yourself more because this creature will always love you unconditionally no matter how many bad days you may have! Of course, this leads to happiness and appreciation for your pet as well as for yourself and, in this way, you become a better person!

Cats are great and fun additions to anyone`s life. They really make us happier, healthier and better people.  They have a lot of positive effects on our lives and if you don’t have a furry friend at your home, you should get it immediately and enjoy all these benefits too!

Written by Nancy Cooper

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