The perfect place for a Valentine’s date

It’s that time of the year again.

The boyfriends and the husbands either ask friends for recommendations or search the internet for possible places perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Most would prefer a very laid-back getaway, thus opt for some beachfront destinations like Panglao Island in Bohol, Bantayan Island in Cebu, and Balesin Island in Quezon.   Others, who can’t give the moon and the sun would think of giving the best view of the sunset, instead.  And no better way to catch it than in San Juan, La Union; Boracay, Aklan; and Manila Bay. After all, catching a daily phenomenon, like a sunset, over a romantic dinner becomes a luxury these days.

However,  how about for those who do not have much budget yet love to surprise their beloved? comes up with five places perfect for Valentine’s Day without hurting the pocket.

Soccer field

A picnic under the stars may be considered trite or passe.  But it can impress your lady love given the effort and the perfect place.  Opt for a soccer field than any public park.  There are chances that aside from less to no crowd at all, there is no traffic noise to ruin any planned romantic moment.

Throw a comfortable blanket, prepare a gourmet picnic dinner, and open a good bottle of wine.  Pour out your heart through vocals and guitar strings.  Do not worry about strangers looking your way as most likely, there isn’t anyone near you.  You have the soccer field all by yourselves and the stars and the moon as witnesses of our affection.

Check Marikina Sports Center, UP Sunken Garden, and UST open field.  Or if you have space in your backyard, it wouldn’t hurt at all to dress it for the occasion.

Ferris wheel

The perfect place for a Valentine's date
The perfect place for a Valentine’s date

Theme parks can be real crowded.  But the most romantic 20 minutes can be experienced inside a ferris wheel.  Guaranteed to accommodate at least two individuals at a time, each ferris wheel’s car seat is perfectly private with no chance for interruptions.

Once on top, it provides a romantic view of the city.  That while the world and people around you are in a haste, you and your date are perfectly still inside a locked car.  The ride perfectly symbolizes your feelings at the moment – appreciating the companion while anticipating something romantic to happen.

Some of the country’s theme parks with the tallest ferris wheel are Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay, and Sky Ranch in Tagaytay.


Opt for some sunset sailing as you  ride a boat cruising past the most amazing skyline developments.  Relax and enjoy as the wind caresses your hair and skin.  Leave the hustle and bustle behind as you engage in a thoughtful conversation.  Share a few moments of laughter or simply watch the sky changes color from blue to orange.

The perfect place for a Valentine's date
The perfect place for a Valentine’s date

A nice option for a boat ride is in Taal Volcano, showcasing you the gorgeous view of this jewel situated in the middle of Taal Lake.

Karaoke bar

Many say that if you can’t express yourself in words, try to woo her through the best love songs.   There are many karaoke venues offering private rooms if you dislike the crowd and the curious eyes of strangers.  You could rent the place for a certain hour inclusive already of consumable drinks and food.

Try to check Red Box Karaoke, Karaoke Republic, and Music Platinum Family KTV.


Why look further when you can dress your own room for some nights of cuddling, snuggling, and loving.?   Prepare a dozen flowers, an assortment of chocolates, and a bottle of a bubbly drink. You may also light a few candles and play some romantic music or movies.

It wouldn’t hurt as well to put a “do not disturb” sign by the door.  Your housemates would surely understand.

The perfect place for a Valentine's date
The perfect place for a Valentine’s date

The perfect place for a Valentine’s date

People look forward to February just like they feel excited about the coming of December and their birth month.  If you haven’t planned anything yet for Valentine’s Day, explore these options and let your partner feel your undying love for her.

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