Pediatric patients of Makati Med gets a galactic Surprise

We all know that the pediatric ward of a hospital can be one of the most heartbreaking areas because this is where sick children can be found and one of the easiest ways to break a heart is when you see a child suffering. Makati Med knows this and wanted to ease a bit of the sadness and pain especially during this Holiday season.

About 350 hospital guests, some of whom dressed up as their favorite characters from the space epic, posed with Rey, Princess Leia Organa, and the Stormtroopers at MakatiMed’s Main Lobby in Tower 1. The Star Wars characters then made the rounds to meet & greet admitted pediatric patients in their rooms and wish them a speedy recovery. All of the children received special loot bags from MakatiMed.

MMC Star Wars 4

“This is MakatiMed’s special treat for Star Wars fans, kids and adults alike,” said Arlyn L. Songco, Vice President for Marketing & Sales Services, who organizes this event with her team. “We set up this special event to bring fun and warmth to our hospital, which can feel like a frightening and intimidating environment, especially for our young patients.”

MMC Star Wars 6

The Star Wars characters are members of the Philippine Garrison of the 501st Legion, the local organization of the international fan organization that promotes building and wearing “movie-quality, screen-accurate” Star Wars costumes. Other than dressing up for Star Wars events, the members also raise funds for charity.

MMC Star Wars 3

The group was led by commanding officer of the 501st legion, Manny Mendoza. “It was another heart-warming experience, seeing all the kids in amazement as they were greeted by the Legion members in Star Wars costumes,” he said. “The Troopers and Jedi were in high spirits as the children talked about their favorite characters and some kids even came wearing Star Wars costumes as well. We thank the warm reception of the folks from MakatiMed, the staff, nurses and doctors and also the families who appreciated our presence. We look forward to the next visit.”


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