Parenting:  Promote honesty

Honesty is the best policy.

Remember those slum books we have during elementary years?  Most would write that their favorite motto is “Honesty is the best policy.” After all, this is one character our teachers and even parents would often remind us to observe.  That though lying is an easy way out, we are always reminded that the truth will still come out.

Now that you are a parent, it is your turn to teach your child about honesty.  You may not want to admit it but you find it hard to discipline your little one and enforce honesty in his system.  Perhaps, these pointers we have for you may help.  Just remember that honesty is something not to be forced; rather it is something we need to encourage, model, and acclaim.

Model honesty

Parenting:  Promote honesty
Parenting:  Promote honesty

A better way to encourage honesty is by setting a good example.  Often, kids learn to lie by observing their elders.  To display honesty, be conscious of your own character, feelings, and motives.  Make sure that you act, speak, and decide with truth by your side.

Encourage honesty

Acknowledge that telling the truth may seem too difficult to do, but it is still the proper way to do things.  Let the child understand what it means to be sincere and why it is such an important value.  Then practice honesty every day so the youngsters will be encouraged to do the same.

Acclaim honesty

A household that upholds honesty celebrates its victory.  When your child opted to be honest than conceal something with a lie, rejoice and show your appreciation to the kid.  He should see in his parents that they indeed value such characteristic.  Show you are one proud parent.

Promote honesty

Parenting:  Promote honesty
Parenting:  Promote honesty

We were once a child.  To get out of trouble, we opted to lie.  Our kids are thinking the same way.  They will deny doing something naughty or even disturbing just to skip our punishment or nagging.  Thus, the best solution to encouraging honesty at home is dismissing the fear of repercussion.  The child must feel secure that despite lying, his parents still love and care for him.   Then inspire him that telling the truth will all the more help him merit his parent’s admiration, love, and possibly, a gift.   Whereas threatening there is a punishment for lying only makes him more vigilant in coming up with a believable lie.  We’ve been there, for sure.  Model, encourage, and acclaim honesty then.



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