Parenting: Let go of your teens

They say letting go expresses love.  But this is a struggle most parents face, especially that their youngsters are no longer toddlers.  Time flies fast that the once playful kiddo is now an adolescent who is slowly making life choices outside his parent’s preference.

A parent’s unwillingness to accept his teenager’s need for independence may bring conflict than love.  Why let go? PSST.Ph details the reasons.

Parenting: Let go of your teens
Parenting: Let go of your teens

You teach your teen to stand up for himself

Being always there for your children is different from fighting their own battles, spoon-feeding them, and practically giving them everything.  Let them assert their rights, express their likes and dislikes, and confront bullies.  It is only by giving them the freedom to act will they be stronger, prouder of themselves, and be defenders for others they love and care for.

You help your teen realize his mistakes

Parents tend to protect their teens from further hurt.  Thus they provide the net to catch them or often, be the shield themselves.  But it is only by failing will a teenager realize his miscalculation and fault.   As parents, allow them to decide, even the not so good decisions.  Let them face the consequence so they are able to learn from their mistakes.   The same way if they made the right decision, surely they would feel proud of themselves.  They could attribute their future successes as theirs and not mom or dad’s connection or effort.

You encourage your teen to decide for himself

Parenting: Let go of your teens
Parenting: Let go of your teens

Time will come teenagers need to decide for themselves.  Giving choices you have decided on ahead of time is a thing of the past.  Giving them the freedom to solve their own problems and choose the best option they think are crucial for them to ready themselves in adulting.

You help your teen realize his own progress

It is only by allowing them to think and act by themselves would they also determine how long they have progressed or improved.  By progressing, they would certainly feel proud of themselves which will help build their self-confidence.

You empower your teen

Letting go can be life-giving.  It is giving freedom which your teen may find overwhelming at first but certainly uplifts his spirit and confidence.  A teenager who feels his parents’ trust in him would eventually help him trust his own instincts and capabilities.

You let your teen grow up

Parenting: Let go of your teens
Parenting: Let go of your teens

Often, a teenager only feels he is grown up if he could decide for himself and he gets the freedom to decide.  Allow him to step forward and toward becoming a free-standing man.  Out of gratitude for your trust, surely he would thank you  by proving you made the right decision in the first place.

Let go of your teens

Let go of your teens.  Let them explore the world.  Allow them to be bitten or battered.  It is only through experiencing these heartaches and hardships would they truly learn.  Most may listen to their parents’ advice, though would still take the risk only to be hurt in the end.  That failure will then push them to be wiser.

It may pain parents when their children demand independence.  But it would pain them more if they keep holding on and trying to stop something inevitable.  Sometimes, it is only by letting go that parents could hold their loved ones closer.

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