Parenting:  Importance of positive reinforcement

Albeit confident and poised, a child still needs positive reinforcement from his parents.  This is shown through cheering, giving a high five or offering praise.  It is most needed to boost character development, push intrinsic drive, and just give verbal affirmation among other reasons. details how to positively reinforcement a child and eventually help him build his confidence and morale.

Be specific with your praise

Parenting:  Importance of positive reinforcement
Parenting:  Importance of positive reinforcement

Commendations can sometimes bring a negative impact, just like giving an individual a spoonful of sugar to make the food appear less bitter.    To avoid this, be specific with your praises.  Recognize and acclaim the child’s exact behavior or action.  That way, he would know it isn’t him that is commendable but his act of helping the old woman, for instance.

Do not easily give undesirable judgment

Avoid giving negative judgment right away.  Seeing your child making face as he waits for his turn to the restroom doesn’t merit immediate reprimand.  For one, there are strangers around you and your child may not like the idea of you scolding him in public.  When you are alone and he seems settled already, mention to him that you were not pleased with his impatient attitude earlier at the rest room.  Or when you are lined up in a cashier and you see him patiently waiting in line, mention to him that you like that attitude better compared to his arrogance when in the comfort room earlier.

Focus more on the positive things

In giving reinforcement, it is but prudent to commend the child of his positive behavior and not focus on his wrongdoings alone.  Sometimes, the purpose of disciplining the child becomes futile because instead of encouraging the youngster, he was dispirited with the negative comment.

Highlight the child’s progress

It will be more effective if you compare past action to present one in praising a child.  That way, he would easily picture what you are driving at.  For example, mention that his handwriting improved a lot compared to the last time he gave you a birthday card.  His writing is now legible and you are just so happy with his progress.

Show your feelings

Do not be afraid to show your enthusiasm and excitement to your kiddo.  When you praise a good deed, let your eyes, lips, and voice mirror your happiness.  Your child will see, feel, and hear you are indeed proud of him.  Sometimes, it is the encouragement and belief thrown to him by his parents that push him to excel and give his best.

Importance of positive reinforcement

Parenting:  Importance of positive reinforcement
Parenting:  Importance of positive reinforcement

Children need positive affirmation.  That way, he receives validation of the things he did. Such confirmation adds self-worth and in the way, contributes in boosting his self-esteem.  Further, learning that his parents support him all the more improves his character growth. In the long run, having confidence in himself and having developed the appropriate character, he has better chances of creating positive choices, too.

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