Pampers names the brand’s newest faces

Pampers recently announced Tony Gonzaga and her baby Seve as the brand’s newest faces.  The two were introduced at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair last weekend, much to the delight of fans and spectators.

Pampers names the brand's newest faces
Pampers names the brand’s newest faces

At the event, the tv and movie actress shared her experiences as a first-time mom.   She expressed she was able to embrace motherhood easily because of her reliable partners.

Aside from her husband Paul Soriano who is equally hands on to Seve, Gonzaga revealed her one favorite diaper brand.   She considers Pampers as a reliable partner, too.  Pampers continuously ensures Seve is able to enjoy a restful sleep.

The first-time mom shared that Pampers ensures them superior quality with its 12-hours of overnight dryness.  This gives baby Seve a good night sleep and protection from diaper rash.   She also likes the fact that Pampers can last longer than two ordinary diapers overnight. This means that aside from the baby’s comfort, she is saving more money in the long run.

Likewise, this diaper brand is the reason for her baby’s happy and active mornings.  Gonzaga attested that with Pampers, Seve remains jolly.  He seldom has tantrums because he often wakes up dry after a full night’s sleep.  During the day, her baby can be really active.  Seve jumps, climbs, and roll over and Gonzaga fears not any diaper leakage.  This is because Pampers provides the perfect fit for her toddler and truly absorbs with less sagging.

In the coming months, Pampers and the mom and son duo will be visible for public engagement, baby and mom activities, and photo shoots.  Toni remains positive that just like from baby Seve’s first days of life till the coming months and years,  her son will all be giggly and active, thanks to Pampers.

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