Palace Guard Brotherhood Association call for general assembly meeting

Palace Guard Brotherhood Association is calling its members and those who retired from the service to come and join them for a reunion and fun filled activities set for the grand assembly.

Palace Guard Brotherhood Association
Palace Guard Brotherhood Association

The group is composed of former presidential security guards (PSG) during the term of then former president Ferdinand E. Marcos. There were an estimated between 800 to 1,200 members of the group.

The Palace Guard Brotherhood Association Inc. was created in order to keep in touch with their former comrades. Currently, there were about 166 members of the association in their Facebook group page.

Palace Guard Brotherhood Association

Life of a Soldier

The life of a soldier is very tough and full of discipline. More than once, he had put his life on the line in fulfillment of his sworn duty to protect the Filipino people.

It is very unfortunate that most of these soldiers and former PSG guards who had rendered indefatigable services to the former President Marcos and his family failed to receive their supposed privileges and other benefits (Republic Act 7696) that most retired soldiers have received.
The Palace Guard Brotherhood Association Inc.


The association was formed in 2016 through the initiative of Mr. Dom Oliveros. It aims to uplift the lives of the former palace guards of the first infantry battalion particularly those who served during the term of former president Marcos. The said association was also made to ensure the welfare of its members and to be able to provide full assistance, securing their dignity and honor during times of need or any form of assistance.

Committed to continually uphold the core values on a true dignified Filipino soldier, the first infantry battalion members of The Palace Guard Brotherhood Association Inc. exemplifies courage, honor, loyalty, justice, vigilance and faith in God.

Mr. Dom Oliveros
Mr. Dom Oliveros together with DZVR program host. Mr. Dom Oliveros had a live radio guesting at Bombo Radyo Laoag in the group’s effort to reach out to the other living members of the first infantry battalion.

Courtesy Call to Governor Imee Marcos

The group also made a short courtesy call and photo opportunity with Governor Imee Marcos during the Tan-Ok festival 2018 which also commemorated the 200th founding anniversary of the province.

radio guesting

Mr. Oliveros had a guesting on Bombo Radyo, Laoag radio station and some local television stations to call on their former members as they will be having a grand reunion and homecoming this February 17-18, 2018 at the Bakasyunan Resort, Tanay, Rizal.

Contacts :  Mr. Jerome D. Oliveros or Ms. Yayo Oliveros

+623 (916-5801245)


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