Capture the Real You with OPPO F5

The day OPPO fans have been waiting for is here!

OPPO PH finally launched the OPPO F5 after we have been teased for weeks with sneak peeks of OPPO’s latest smartphone. Held at the City of Dreams, Pasay City last October 26, 2017, the launch was well attended and guests were treated with special performances of OPPO’s very own brand ambassadors Sarah Geronimo and Alden Richards. Prior to that, OPPO influencers Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia, Toni Gonzaga, Gabbi Garcia, Janella Salvador, Apple David, and Carla Lizardo appeared with their manifestos.

OPPO F5 - Omnibus Photo

As early as September 2017, OPPO released the first batch of teasers; spotted in malls while OPPO fans online have been giving overwhelming feedback on OPPO F5’s features.

So what is to like with this latest OPPO smartphone? We at give you the following rundown of the F5’s best features and and you will love its camera.


BEST FEATURE: Speedy facial unlock

OPPO F5’s flagship function is the fast, convenient and accurate way to unlock the F5 screen. Users can do this simply by holding it up as if to say hi. However, if you are looking to unlock it another way, you can unlock it with your fingerprint.

FHD+  Full screen

Capture the real you with the immersive visual experience the F5 screen brings with its size. Decked out in full high definition, OPPO F5 users can immerse themselves in a vibrantly colorful FHD+ screen. What’s more, its sleek unibody is perfect and it feels as good as it looks.

Smoother gaming with its 4GB RAM

You can do multi-tasking with OPPO F5 as you can switch between apps with ease. You can watch your favorite TV shows with its 4GB RAM or scale the latest gaming league tables.

Better Functions with the upgraded Octa-Core

The F5’s flagship Octa-core CPU sprints along at 16nm processing speeds with 40 percent increased function performance, all while cutting down on energy consumption.

App starts faster after optimization

Based on 64 common user scenarios, F5 accelerates application starting. The average speed improvement is about 23.9%, bringing an overall smoother operating experience.

Triple Slot Tray

OPPO F5’s triple slot tray supports two nano SIM cards and one micro-SD card that is expandable to a staggering 256GB to store all of your favorite photos, music and videos. After all, one can never have enough storage for all our multimedia needs.

Energy-saving microprocessor

OPPO F5’s energy-saving microprocessor lets you turn up the heat on your smartphone experience, while keeping the device cool – in more ways than one.

Since OPPO is the Selfie Expert, you can Capture the Real You with OPPO’s very first full-screen model, equipped with the following camera functions:

20MP A.I. Beauty Front Camera

The OPPO F5 has this all-seeing camera that captures human beauty in all its forms – no matter your age, gender, skin tone or skin type. Propelled by complex algorithms underpinning Artificial Intelligence technology, the F5’s 20MP front camera brings out your photogenic best.

The OPPO F5 takes camera phones to the next generation. It defies the paradox of marrying Artificial Intelligence technology with organic beauty to create the most natural and stunning of selfies.



16MP rear camera

Flip to the back and the F1.8 aperture in the rear camera also performs brilliantly for brighter and clearer shots in darker settings. Let the OPPO F5 be your go-to camera for clear, natural and vivid selfies no matter the hour.

Facial Feature Optimization

Put your best face forward by relying on the unique facial feature optimization technology showcased in the F5. With more than 200 positioning spots, the F5 accentuates your facial landmarks and contours to enhance the symmetry between features like your eyes, nose, cheekbones and jawline to create the perfectly refined and natural selfie. Its beauty-iris tool ensures that your eyes will shine brighter in any photo.

Face Comes First

Whatever the scene – be it a romantic sunset, after-work drinks, yoga in the park, or a crowded mall – the F5 can differentiate between background light conditions to add luminance to your portraits for stunning cover shots every time.

Bokeh Effect

Together with a prominent bokeh effect that yields a pleasant out-of-focus backdrop, your face becomes the main object of admiration with vivid details and brighter tones.

F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8″ sensor

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, the OPPO F5 caters to your snaps through all hours with an ultra sensitive F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8” sensor in the front camera. Both features allow the smartphone camera to gain more information to produce better images with less noise in low light conditions.

Also, some other ultimate functions of the OPPO F5 can also be enjoyed: Give it a friendly tap, a firm shake, a gentle swipe or a handy pinch and watch the functions come to life in the simplest and most beautiful ways. Faster, easier, safer – what’s not to like with OPPO F5?

See  poster below for pre-order.

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