Open World Games: Pros and Cons


Open World Games immerse players with beautiful worlds to explore – to escape from the mundane tasks of reality and enjoy what the game has to offer. In fact, these games are so popular that they became a huge genre that is popular to this day. These games can be a double-edged sword as we explore the pros and cons of Open World games.

open world


Just as the title says, the main focus of these games is their world. They want players to explore the unknown and discover the many exotic locales the game has to offer. Games like The Assassin’s Creed series and The Witcher: Wild Hunt are examples of these games where the game’s world drives their sense of adventure.

The problem with exploring these beautiful worlds is the tendency for people to grow tired of it. Like a tourist who overstayed their welcome, the magic of that place tends to slowly die out.



With worlds that are large and vast, there are bound to be many quests just around the corner. That can also be a problem as some quests can get a little bit repetitive. Have you ever heard of the word “fetch quest”? These are missions in the game where players go from point A to B and back. They tend to get long and forces players to back track to some areas. To make things worse, some games turn off the fast travel which makes the trek unbearable.

hunting the Thunderjaw in Horizon: Zero Dawn are some of the most memorable quests that players can experience in open world games.

End-game allows players a chance to explore the world without worries. Some of players use the opportunity to finish some side quests they miss or collect trinkets from the game world. This is good news for some gamers that care about the story and journey that these games provide. However, it is bad news for completionists, the type of gamers that habitually finish sub-quests and collect items before the main story. The consequence of finishing everything leaves these type of players with nothing to do afterwards.

Games like Saints Row 4 encourages players to treat the game world into their own personal playground.

No matter what Open World games people play, there are bound to be a few problems in its design. No game is perfect and the best way to enjoy it is to breath it in. Enjoy the journey of whatever world you explore – there is adventure in every corner.


Juan Paulo Pereña

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