How about an Online harana this Valentine’s Day?

Where words fail, music speaks.

Hans Christian Andersen said it best.  When you simply can’t find the words to best describe your sentiments, say it with music.   But if you find it still hard to express your emotions through music, then you can always ask someone to do it for you.  Let someone else profess your affection with the best song for your loved ones.   Let oSerenade help.

What is oSerenade?

How about an Online harana this Vday?
How about an Online harana this Vday?

oSerenade means “online serenade”. It’s a marketplace where you can request someone to sing your love messages to your loved ones.  You may also create a heartfelt message and let oSerenade recite that dedication, overflowing with the right emotions.

Profess your love

oSerenade was conceptualized to help individuals express their feelings way beyond words.  Because sometimes, there are those who become so caught up in their happiness, spontaneity, and bliss that they end up acting and talking carelessly.  Often, instead of meriting sympathy and affection, the very act scare or turn people off.  It becomes out-of-hand and destructive.

There are also instances that the love per se is too strong that makes some startle to even open their mouth.  Again, oSerenade makes it easier.  Their existence is to get the message across despite the distance and personal barriers. Through a unique and special gift in the form of a dedicated song with a sincere message, oSerenade helps people let their heart speak.

Showcase talent

oSerenade has a modest intention, too.  They give music artists a venue to showcase their talents.  As breaking through the music industry can be difficult, at least through this platform, these individuals are able to display their prowess in singing.  Because the fact is, the Philippines has many gifted music artists yet are not given the chance to show their talent.  In a way, through oSerenade, these artists can showcase their talent and earn extra income.  Hopefully, too, through this online service, more doors of opportunity come their way.

Limited offer

This love month until February 8, oSerenade extends its 20% discount for all those planning to surprise their loved ones through an online harana.  They also offer a special Valentine’s package.   Aside from the song request with a personal message, they can also deliver your loved ones’ favorite cakes, flowers, chocolates or huggable bears right to their doorsteps.  Check their Valentine’s offer through the oSerenade  website or Facebook page.

How about an Online harana this Vday?
How about an Online harana this Vday?

So have you thought of ways to surprise your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? How about an online harana?  Make a big impression.   You will never go wrong with a time-tested classic- serenading a loved one.  This time, though, make it online.

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