45 days left, are you #OneStepCloser to your Dreams?

We recently chanced upon an ad made by HSBC asking people if they were #OneStepCloser to achieving their goal for 2017 and it got us thinking, have we? Were we able to do so? What has stopped us from achieving it? Is it time? Is it money? Is it confidence?

For many people, these are normally the reasons why they are not able to do what they set out to do. Sometimes, it could be because they had too many goals. Sometimes, they just can’t find the time for themselves because they have given all their time to others. Oftentimes, it is the financial struggle that hinders people from being one step closer to their dreams.

For me, one of the things that I wanted to do this year was buy an SUV for my family because it would make going around the city more comfortable and safe. My Mom is already in her 50s and though there are options available now, it’s still better to have our own car that she can drive and use.


Biggest challenge for me was finances coz we had a family trip and then I started a new business that went downhill. It’s been a struggle but I know that with institutions like HSBC, I can get back on track and achieve my goal. I still have 45 days left; I can still make that downpayment for an SUV for my Mom.

I just need to sort my finances, find an agent that I can trust and who will explain things to me, then forecast my budget for the next 5 years. This should help me financially plan out everything and I know that HSBC will help me every step of the way.

With over 141 years of doing business in the Philippines, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. The Bank currently has a 10-strong total branch network (including 3 branches of the locally incorporated HSBC Savings Bank) located in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. They are alo more than open to helping out people get one step closer to their dreams and this is why I feel confident that they can help make thing happen for me.

When you have one of the oldest bank willing to help you in making your dreams a reality, what else can stop you? Watch the video and let us know what your dreams are, the challenges you’ve had and what your plans are in making it happen. There’s still 45 days left in the year. There’s still a lot of time to getting one step closer.

Kathy Kenny


Digital marketer. Events host. Content writer. Pursuer of dreams. Music, movie, and book lover. Collector of snowglobes, ref magnets, pens, mugs, Care Bears, notebooks, and makeup. Wanderlust. Sapiosexual. Yawyan Advocate.