One Hour of Power: Free YouTube everyday

Smart and YouTube recently announced a partnership that is sure to benefit all Filipinos. As we all know, a lot of Filipinos are on their mobile everyday but most of them just avail of a data plan which leads them to avoid going to YouTube for fear of eating up their data plans. Some of them would wait to be on WiFi just so they can watch videos on YouTube.

This is what Smart and YouTube addressed during their big announcement at the Manila Ballroom of Marriott Manila. Starting today, you can now enjoy Free YouTube Everyday for one hour or 1GB every single day. Yes, you read that right. You get to experience free youtube everyday for one hour when you get the data plan that caters to this.  This is valid from now until July 15.

Along with the free youtube everyday announcement, Smart also announced their pool of  newest YouTube creators some of which are Michelle Dy and Andi and Olivia Manzano.


Subscribers can watch YouTube for one hour for free daily by simply registering to load packages like GigaSurf99, AllOutSurf99, GigaSurf50, AllOutSurf30, Panalo Data 30, Panalo Combo 30, Super Combo 20 and Big Time Data 70. They can enjoy this special offer for the duration of the packages that they buy.

To provide customers with a better video and mobile internet experience, Smart is accelerating the deployment of LTE-advanced and carrier aggregation technology to more areas this year.

With this new offer, mobile phone users now have everyday access to the richest video library with content from every corner of the planet – for free. This promo is also going to be available to postpaid subscribers as well.

Aside from YouTube, another video service is also set to be part of the offer. Access to Smart 360, a web portal where Smart, TNT, and SUN subscribers can access variou digital content like live TV, movies, series, music, and games, will soon be free as well for a limited time.


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