Okami HD Review

Okami has been one of the wonderful gems of the PS2 era. Originally released in 2007, the game was meant to be a Zelda clone for the Sony PlayStation 2. But Okami became so much more, thanks to its beautiful aesthetics and unique gameplay. The game is so good that it became an instant classic.

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Fast forward to 2017, Capcom released Okami HD for PS4, Xbox ONE, and PC. Will this game stand the test of time after many re-releases? Let’s find out.

For those that are new to the series, Okami tells the tale of Amaterasu, a sun goddess that takes the form of a white wolf. Paired with the painter Issun, she uses her celestial brush to heal the land and defeat the demon Orochi for destroying all of Nippon.

Okami’s hand painted graphics still holds up to this day. The Japanese Ukiyo-e style art looks beautiful, like a painting that came to life. The HD edition enhances those graphics even better, giving the game new life. The quirky characters are funny and provides a unique charm to the game. The loading screens also got faster and the frame rate holds in a solid 30FPS making it one of the best port of the original Okami.

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What sets Okami apart from being a Zelda clone, is the ability to paint the world to using Amy’s celestial brush. Drawing unique lines or objects can do something as simple as repairing a bridge to something complex like controlling nature. Painting in the game can feel stiff sometimes but it controls great with a little practice.

Painting isn’t the only thing good about Okami. The combat system is top notch, with responsive controls and many ways to defeat demons. There are many unique side quests in the HD version for those that want a different kind of pace.

Overall, Okami HD is a great love letter to gaming’s innovation and how this once PS2 classic is still has the means to wow a new generation of gamers.


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