No spend weekend ideas

Please trash the notion that you can’t have a good time if you’re broke.  Often, it is during the time that money is scarce that all the more you find ways to be creative and survive.  For a family who would want to enjoy the weekend but doesn’t have the money to binge, gives a quick rundown of activities to do.  After all, weekends with family is more about bonding and not splurging.

Enjoy a picnic at the park

No spend weekend ideas
No spend weekend ideas

Your children may find this trite at first.  But after freely running for hours, climbing a tree, and discovering red and yellow bugs, they would utter going on a picnic is the best idea ever.  You need not buy food as well as you could pack sandwiches, and even bring your leftovers.  Do not forget to take photos as these are certain memories worth keeping and remembering.

Clean out your room

This would probably mean a task to your kids on the first mention.  But cleaning a room or the garage with your kids would bring back happy memories as you discover old photographs or memorabilia.  You would not only end up cleaning but retelling stories to your children about that costume or about that collection.  Who knows!?! As you free up spaces in your house, you may also end up hosting a yard sale and make money selling your old stuff.

Consolidate all photos

You’ve got hundreds or even thousands of photos stashed inside that box you’ve been avoiding for months.  Perhaps is the time to dig them out, put in a scrapbook, and add captions.  Seriously, this is one task you and your children will find too fascinating you may even skip lunchtime.  The idea of seeing photos on photo paper may not be common to the generation today because everything has been digital since their birth.

Enjoy a karaoke night at home

We Filipinos love singing.  Invite friends over for an evening of sing-along.  Or you may just start singing and after a few songs, you will see your whole family gathered around wanting to have that microphone.  Prepare some chips or waffles.  You would not even notice the hours that passed.

Play board games

No spend weekend ideas
No spend weekend ideas

Never underestimate what board games can do to you.  Playing Monopoly with kids will surely not jut eat a  lot of your time but all of you would certainly end up laughing and enjoying.  Board games also teach life lessons and even simulate life.  A game with dice is one classic example.  The die can roll either way and you just can’t blame yourself if it shows the lowest number when you need a high one.  It is one game of chance just like life when you join a raffle, for instance.  Do not blame yourself for an outcome by the roll of a die.  This is a beautiful lesson you may teach and let your children realize, too.

Revisit your old movie and music collection

Most probably, you’ve got a huge collection of your CDs and DVDs.  Introduce to your kids those songs and movies they haven’t heard and seen before.  You would certainly not realize the hours spent as you go through those songs and movies.  The best part is, along the way, you most probably give your kids some trivia about the movie or the actor and the song perhaps.

Schedule a potluck dinner

Invite neighbors over some pasta and sandwiches.  Ingredients may be from the leftover sausages and that slab of meat you had the night before.  Or you may invite your siblings to visit you at home and request them to bring in their favorite dish.  Again, everything you will serve need not be store-bought.  Make use of what is in your home already.   The important thing is, you have your family or friends at your house having some real good time.

Take a long walk or bike ride within the community

No spend weekend ideas
No spend weekend ideas

Sometimes, we just spend our day watching a television program or playing those online games.  How about taking a long walk with your loved ones around the subdivision?  Or if each has a bike, make a round through the community.  While walking or riding a bike, memories will come one by one, making your walk or ride an affair to remember.  You may even plan your ultimate weekend getaway as you pass by those familiar houses.

Get that much-needed rest

Oh, how you complain you can’t even enjoy a good night’s sleep.  How about spending the weekend catching some needed sleep?  Do not be guilty if you rise past lunch time.  You can be lazy and just enjoy your bed.  It’s not every day that you can do it so might as well take advantage when you don’t have the money to go out and splurge.

Take a lavish bath

Aside from that much-needed rest, perhaps you are also deprived of that long luxurious bath.  After all, you always feel like running against time and don’t anymore have that lavish hot shower or bath.  Fill the tub with water, bubble bath, and rose petals.  Light some candles, play a real relaxing music, and have a glass of sparkling wine.  Relax and enjoy being alone.

No spend weekend ideas
No spend weekend ideas

No spend weekend ideas

Until you have that mortgage to finish, debts to pay, and children to send to school, you may opt to avoid spending money on unnecessary expenses.  Eating out, attending sports events, and watching movies are a few spending you may want to defer or limit until such time you feel confident you have an extra cash to spree.  As of the moment, try one or two from the list and we guarantee you, surviving the weekend without money is possible and can be a real blessing.  Not only you’ve got to spend the day for yourself, you were able to bond with your family.  Weekends, after all, are best spent with the family.   Or sometimes, alone for that needed rest.

Berlin Domingo

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