No homework policy: Agree or Not?

Is having a homework a healthy task for students? helps us understand homework and its purpose. From there, we may be able to decide if the no homework policy is appropriate or otherwise.

History of homework

No homework policy: Agree or Not?
No homework policy: Agree or Not?

Homework is an academic exercise outside of the classroom. A teacher usually gives the assignment to exercise a student’s brain and how he understood the lesson. The debate of its importance was first conceived in the 1940s. Some educators began to question if homework interfered with home life. Many students that time had to work in the family business. This then made homework cause high levels of stress among students and even their parents.

The pros of homework

More than encouraging educational growth, homework inculcates discipline. Studies show that homework, in one way or another, has been instrumental to improve study habits, love for learning, and independent problem-solving skills.

The cons of homework

Bringing home school work sadly causes added stress to youngsters, as shown in recent studies. Instead of using the little time to eat dinner as a family, play with siblings or get to bed early, homework sometimes isolates the child to rush doing worksheets.

The debate about homework

It is a fact that youngsters wake up early to spend the rest of their day studying. Though school can also be fun, most students are left pressured processing all the information given to them. Once they’re home, they are still obliged to accomplish take-home assignment. The supposedly time to enjoy life as a kid is spent in doing school work outside the classroom. This all the more adds to the anxiety of the students.

This mother’s take on homework

No homework policy: Agree or Not?
No homework policy: Agree or Not?

Children are children. More than the love to learn, be with friends, and be outside the four corners of their abode, they still love to have time for themselves. They use this time to play or just observe and be themselves. As a mother, I find it worthwhile to give the students their well-deserved rest after spending time on their studies. By doing so, they have more energy and desire to attend school.

To solution that homework debate, may the academe, government, and parents look at the students first. After all, this take-home school work policy is about the students themselves.

If you are to ask this mother, though, she believes the best way to support a student is to give him the freedom to use any time left for his own enjoyment. After all, playing, sleeping early, mingling with the family are also part of learning.


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