The Newlywed’s Guide To Living in Bliss

You have just married and everything feels fabulous.   PSST.Ph shares some effective wedded-bliss tips to help ensure you start off your new life together on the right track.

The Newlywed's Guide To Living in Bliss
The Newlywed’s Guide To Living in Bliss

Make time for small stuff

Often, it is only by living together that newlyweds discover each other’s pet peeves.  Classic examples would be disgust over socks on the floor, unwashed cup in the sink, or shoes inside the house.  To avoid lengthy discussions, do not ignore these small annoyances until they become big resentments.  The time will come one cannot handle the stress anymore, damaging the marriage beyond repair.  It is important then to discuss and resolve even the small stuff from the start.

Shower even small gestures of affection

Regular acts of kindness – small or big – often make the relationship stronger. It becomes a habit that each looks forward to doing.  The more appreciated one feels the more he would likely to reciprocate the affection.  A small gesture can be like writing a love note, while big ones may be a surprise trip to Athens.

Disclose needs, wants and even fears

No one can read minds.  Sadly, most couples prefer to keep mum about their needs and wants, leaving their partners to guess what they want.  To avoid conflict, it is prudent to disclose every need and want in a calm manner.  Even those fears and apprehensions should be out.  It is difficult for the other party to be left in the dark.

In order to reveal those innermost thoughts and even expectations, offer a safe haven for your spouse.   A haven where intimidation has no place or where he needs not have second thoughts safeguarding his ego.

Discuss household chores

Housework may bring couples to trouble in the long run.  It is sensible to discuss early on the chores one is most comfortable doing and not.  This especially holds true to newlyweds who do not employ any helper.

Divide chores fairly.  Be open as well to suggestions like once a week help or laundry services.

Avoid pretensions

The Newlywed's Guide To Living in Bliss
The Newlywed’s Guide To Living in Bliss

The real attitude of one person – no matter how he conceals everything – will surely come out.  It is better to act, talk, and think the way you really are than hiding your flaws.  Be the real you and allow your spouse to be, too.

Be open about money matter

It has been proven.  Money may wreak havoc on even the tightest bonds.  As much as possible, do not keep secrets especially about money.  Keeping secrets about savings account and other financial concerns may ruin trust.

Respect in-laws and friends

Often, couples who enjoys good terms with their partner’s parents are more likely to enjoy a long-lasting marriage.  As much as possible, maintain a good relationship with your partner’s relatives.  Be civil if there is tension and avoid talking behind their back.

Discuss with your spouse about in-laws or friends coming over for visits if that concerns you.  It is only prudent to make everything clear to avoid tension in the long run.

Spend time together

The Newlywed's Guide To Living in Bliss
The Newlywed’s Guide To Living in Bliss

Research reveals that the happiest couples are those who spend time together.  They just enjoy each other’s company doing even the simplest stuff.  It is then advisable to have something in common which husband and wife enjoy doing together.  Maybe, you could watch movies together on a Friday or even do the laundry on a weekend.  It need not be all about date nights, but anything that they do together to bond and know each other better.

 The Newlywed’s Guide To Living in Bliss

Make your new marriage work.  Have someone by your side as you grow old.  As you open the door, have someone who will welcome you home. Same with as you go to bed, have someone who will hug you as you drift off to sleep. That someone is the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

Live in bliss and cherish each moment together.  But more than that, value each other and the small stuff in between and surely you will have your happily ever after.

Berlin Domingo

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