This new year, start a serendipity Log

Serendipity is a fortunate happenstance coined by Horace Walpole, an English art historian, in 1754.  The dictionary defines it as a development of events by chance in a happy way.

As others are living a charmed life, some prefer to be gloomy and just wish luck is upon them.  Only to find out that even them have an envious life, sadly though, they aren’t aware of it.    Such kind of individuals must be too busy to recognize the blessings showered their way.

This new year, start a serendipity Log
This new year, start a serendipity Log

Keeping a serendipity journal will constantly remind one of the positive coincidences and delightful news.  Simply put, a serendipity log is a list of wonders that appear as answered prayers.  Starting one will make an individual grateful and eventually happy.

So this new year, start a serendipity log.

Having one will create a big difference.  Starting isn’t hard as all you need is a small notebook and a pen.

Every day as you live your life, jot down those inspiring snippets. Make note of the serendipities showering you throughout the day. Such are little to humongous joys like:

  • You don’t have food on the table when a friend from the province made a surprise visit.  She brought with her a basket full of deli, poultry, and pastry.

  • Your five-year-old phone retired on its own and you just don’t have the money to buy a new unit.  You attended an event and your name was called in a raffle.  You’ve just won a brand new mobile phone.

Serendipities like these come as normal occurrences.  They come plenty, too.  Only that often, you aren’t aware of them.  Jotting them down will help you recognize that your life is filled with little boosts.

Writing down the small or big surprises of life brings gratitude closer to your system, too.   You begin to expect less and give more.  You become contented and lessen your complaining.

This new year, start a serendipity log.

This new year, start a serendipity Log
This new year, start a serendipity Log

Write down the serendipities that grace your life every day.  Or perhaps you may not wait for next year but rather, start today.  The earlier you start being grateful, the more likely you will live a charmed life.  As you welcome the new year, you are already aware of your fortune and has owned it.

Berlin Domingo

Devoted. Compassionate. Instinctive. Berlin loves to write personal narratives, thrilling discoveries, and mommy tips that make daily living the happiest. She shares a place called the small house with her husband and their four boys.