Netflix’s Bright premieres Dec 22

How do you rate a movie?  Is the lesson learned more important than the story itself?  Or is the use of vulgar words too dirty for your taste that you automatically drop the film?

As Netflix’s first blockbuster movie Bright premieres today, many critics find the flick harshly thoughtless and profoundly awful.  Perhaps because the flick’s concept, in the first place, is too ambitious – “a contemporary cop thriller, but with fantastical elements.”  Or maybe, a lot of the critics are too stunned by the movie itself.

Netflix’s Bright premieres Dec 22
Netflix’s Bright premieres Dec 22

The almost two-hour film is set on a present day.  Only that the modern day means humans and fantasy creatures – Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dwarves, and Centaurs among others – co-exist.   Will Smith is Daryl Ward, a human Los Angeles cop paired with an Orc rookie officer Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby.  The two are battling their own personal differences but are forced to resolve their issues and work together.

Los Angeles faces some strange threat after a routine night patrol turned one bloody evening of discovery.  The two cops meet a young female elf they need to protect.  They also need to guard a rare magic wand the young elf stole so it will not end up in the wrong hands.  This one eventful evening is what took audiences on an action-packed adventure.

Bright is a reflection of the realities of life

In between the chaos, the long chasing, gunfires, and explosives, the flick is able to mirror today’s realities.  First is the strong racism we face, judging individuals on their appearances rather than seeing them for who they really are.  In the film, the elves are wealthy and magical while the orcs are generally loathed.  The humans, on the other hand, remain human – commit mistake among other flaws.

Second, throughout history, we always aim for power.  The power in the flick is acquiring the magical wand as taking hold of it means being in control of everything. Simply put, fiction or otherwise, all human beings and other living things often aim for power because they want autonomy.

Bright conveys friendship and integrity

Bright emphasizes integrity and friendship.   The two lead stars do what is needed to be done regardless of what others think.  Though it may mean standing alone, they still act courageously and stick to their character.  Pretty much the same how we live our character.

We can fake almost anything in life but not our character.  Smith’s Ward may repeatedly say he wants to get rid of Edgerton’s Jakoby, but the way he values his partnership with the latter is inspiring.  The relationship of the two policemen might have been tainted by an earlier event, but the friendship and respect developed along the way are just beautiful.  The sad part is, many critics might have failed to see this as they are after the plot and the storytelling.  The same way that Bright failed to emphasize those scenes to make viewers appreciate the characters of the film and eventually, the lessons behind.

Netflix’s Bright premieres Dec 22

Netflix’s Bright premieres Dec 22
Netflix’s Bright premieres Dec 22

Netflix reportedly spent $90 to produce Bright.   And the money was obviously spent to make the film visually stunning.  It also had David Ayer, famous for his recent “Suicide Squad,” as the director.  Max Landis, the same scriptwriter of “Victor Frankenstein”, on the other hand, penned Bright.

What the critics must have seen are Bright’s series of disconnected action scenes.  Perhaps they have failed to see the social themes the flick would want to address.  Pretty much they might have disregarded the lesson behind the movie.

Bright debuts on December 22 on Netflix.  We encourage you to see it and answer this after. Would you hate the film because of its flaws or congratulate it for the lesson it imparts?

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