All About Nail Files: Manicuring 101

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What should you do if your nails are flaking?

For a quick fix, take the edge off with a fine file then paint clear nail polish on the top to seal.  For long-term solution, use a protein nail treatment daily.

Why do my nails break so easily?

Your nails could lack moisture.  Avoid nail hardeners (over-strengthened nails can become too brittle), and acetone-based nail polish removers.  Use a moisturizing nail and cuticle cream every evening.  These types of creams are available in personal care exchange stores.

What to do if nails have become soft and bendy?

Use a hardener enriched with Vitamin E and calcium such as Sally Hansen’s base coat and strengthener.  Apply for a couple of weeks only – any longer could dehydrate the nails.

Do white marks on my nails mean I have a calcium deficiency?

Not necessarily.  It could be caused by a bang or shock to the nail.  This makes the layers of your nails separate leaving you with the white mark.  The only solution is to hide it under nail polish or be patient and let the nail grow out.


What causes ridges?

Horizontal ridges are caused by trauma, whether from damage to the cuticle or through illness.  Vertical ridges tend to be hereditary (simply means if dear Mom has it, you may have it too).  Gently buffing the nail plate will help reduce ridging (horizontal ridges are difficult to rid of).  A ridge-filler base coat will give you more even-looking nail.

What to do to prevent hangnails and peeling skin?

Use a good hand cream every day.  Treat yourself to an intensive professional treatment – paraffin wax treatments are super-effective.  And resist the temptation to pick!

Will false nails damage my natural nails? 

If you have regular appointments with a qualified nail technician, your natural nail will not suffer.  Once they’re removed (always get this done professionally), your nail will be weaker so be prepared to look after them.  If a nail is badly attached, it may lift from the nail, allowing water in.  This can lead to infection, so be very careful.

Basically, what you should take away from this post is that you should pay attention to grit levels and be careful when choosing your nail files. We’ve now covered almost everything to do with filing your nails. Let us know in the comments section if those tips we’ve shared have been effective. 

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