Myrtle Sarrosa Ginebra San Miguel’s 2018 calendar Girl

Ginebra San Miguel

Ginebra San Miguel fans are always looking forward every year for the announcement of the brand’s calendar girl. This year was an epic one for Ginebra that they had to hold an event to celebrate all the good things that has happened and will happen. We all know that their basketball franchise have won back to back championships, right?


First off, cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa was unveiled Ginebra San Miguel’s 2018 calendar girl.  Wearing the brand’s iconic angel costume, Myrtle was like sent from the heaven when she made a grand entrance from up above.  The calendar designs will definitely become a hit for millennials and cosplayers.


Myrtle is delighted that Ginebra allowed her to express herself in a way she is known for – cosplaying. The five calendar designs highlight each of the world’s number one gin’s products. Myrtle wore a cyber chic outfit for the GSM Blue. She was transformed into a forest enchantress for Vino Kulafu. Her illusionist persona was revealed in her calendar for Primera Light Brandy. For the calendar featuring all Ginebra San Miguel brands, she posed as the Boss Lady.


Christmas is just around the corner and as early as September, parties and celebrations are being planned. Who wouldn’t want to host the coolest party ever?! With the introduction of two new GSM Blue Flavors, your party will definitely be one of the best.

GSM Blue Flavors Margarita will be the star of your open bar. The combination of lime, sweetness of orange liqueur with lime and the distinctive taste of tequila will make this classic Mexican drink a party favorite. The Pinoy’s “GinPom” that became a hit in the 90’s will be having a comeback with GSM Blue Flavors Gin Pomelo. No need to mix a litro of pomelo juice with gin. All you have to do is open a bottle and drink!

GSM Blue Flavors has a light alcohol content of 35 proof and is available in a 700 ml bottle for only PhP135. They will be available on 7Eleven stores beginning November 8, 2017.

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