How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Manila?

How much is renting a house actually costing a family?

Would it be the time now to invest on your own abode? Perhaps you just need a little push, but seriously you can do it.  Sometimes, we are just afraid to jump and leave our comfort zone.  For one, we avoid feeling uneasy.  We fear the unknown. But it is only by making that leap are we able to move forward, grow and gain more determination to do more, and conquer new horizons.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Manila?
How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Manila?

PSST.Ph dares you to realize the cost of renting nowadays and pushes you to move forward instead.

The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Manila is around P23,000.  If you opt to live outside the city center, you can find apartments at an average of P10,000 monthly. (Source is

Given this amount, financial independence may perhaps be far out of reach if the family will keep on renting.  We haven’t factored in the possibility that rental charges increase yearly.

Aside from the high rental cost, some families remain contented on the little space they have.  They also have to accept and respect their neighborhood.   Others conform with the restrictions thus cannot make improvements which may be vital for their growth.  An example would be not being able to buy a car since there is no available parking space.

To sum it up, a number of families are paying a lot more when renting than just buying their own space.

A home is something most families dream of having.  Know the figures you’re spending on your rented home.  You might be surprised you are spending much just because of your fear to step ahead. With the many developers now offering various properties, surely a family could make the right move and start a more productive life.  It only takes time to check on those property offerings, find the right agent, and fall in love with that dream home.

Again, it all starts with taking a step forward by leaving your comfort zone that you would get that improvement.  By taking such risk in a measured fashion, you might discover there are more opportunities and even an abundant life outside your rented place.

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