Mother’s Day date on a budget

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually every second Sunday of May.  This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 13.   It is the day that families or individuals celebrate motherhood by showing appreciation to moms and all mother figures.  Usual gifts are flowers, chocolates, and dinner dates.  There are some who could afford expensive hotel dinner or a set of jewelry.  But for those thinking of ways how to thank their moms without blowing their budget, shares ideas where you could bring your parent or wife with a budget of P 500.

Pamper and beauty session

Mother's Day date on a budget
Mother’s Day date on a budget

Moms love to be pampered.  They may not be vocal about it but trust us, they do.  Treat the lady of the house to a quick foot massage or a manicure and pedicure.  If you think she deserves a haircut, then opt for a salon trip.  Only when you can spare more and your mom wants her hair dyed or treated should you request the hair stylist for additional service.

Something sweet and bitter

This time, let a barista serve your mom her favorite coffee.  Partner it with a slice of cake or a piece of her preferred cookie.  This will be a great gift for moms who enjoy a cup of joe every morning or any time of the day.

Going to a cafe is also a nice break especially for stay-at-home moms.  This might be that perfect opportunity to have your one-on-one time with her.  Perhaps it’s the time as well when you can talk about anything and don’t have to worry about your siblings listening in.  Or listen to your mom’s stories because most probably, she has a dozen and more stories to tell having been left at home most of the time,

Manicured lawns or parks

What is nice about Mother’s Day is that it always falls on a Sunday.   That means you need not rush to go home from work and worry about the traffic.  A visit to a park is a nice option than go to the mall.  There are a lot of parks with perfectly manicured lawns and gigantic trees.  As you set up that blanket for your picnic, those big trees will provide the shade.

Set up a picnic with your mom’s favorite dishes or snacks.  Impress her with your cooking or baking skills.  Don’t worry as what’s so nice about moms is that they aren’t judgmental.  They will not take it against you if your dish was a little bland or too overpowering with herbs and spices.  What they see and taste instead is your effort to make the celebration a day to remember.

So check for parks with beautiful blooms, vibrant greens, and even a pond with little ducks swimming.

Mother’s Day date on a budget

Mother's Day date on a budget
Mother’s Day date on a budget

Many moms are most probably the same.  They have this noble intention to sincerely take care of their family.  They can be selfless for the sake of their children’s happiness.

Of course, they would be happy and even shed a tear or two, when their children wow them with expensive trinkets.  They would even be proud of their husband and tell the whole world about that top production the latter prepared.

Whatever their family gave them or forgot to gift them, they will remain a mother.  Because motherhood for them is not about themselves.  It is about family and togetherness.

Now, do yourself a favor and greet your mom a happy mother’s day.  If you have P500, choose from the list what you can give.  If the cost is too steep, you can always split it with your siblings.  And should you don’t have any, a sincere greeting would do.  That would surely bring a smile to her face.

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