Between Mom and Me: Things We Share with our Mothers


Mothers aren’t perfect. But they do things in the best way they know for the sake of their kids. You can’t teach someone how to be a mother. It’s instinctive, you get a tip here, a pointer there. Being a good mother is not taught, it really comes from within. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, let’s admit that our mommies have always played a huge part of who we are.

Have you ever thought how life would become for most of us without our own moms? Have you noticed that moms are always present in commercials –whether about shampoos, soaps, lotions or facial cleansers – to assist and give their daughters the motherly advice?  Well, it must be true that mommies know best!

Do you still remember the first advice you heard from your mommy, mama, inay, nanay, momsy, mamu (or whatever you call your dear mom)?  Now let’s reminisce the unforgettable moments you had with her.


Buying Girl Stuff

Well, it’s a bit funny but do you still remember when your mom bought you a complete set of color coded stuff like pink skirt and blouse, pink shoes and socks with matching pink headband?  As your mom’s li’l girl, you had no choice but to use them because mom told you so.  Of course now, you have all the freedom to choose what you want to use but mom will always be there to give the best advice.

When Body Measurements Change  

Yes, you also wondered why your skirt was getting too skimpy and your bust measurement seemed to be increasing.  Well, mommy told you then that you must wear baby bra or camisole because your body is now getting to have shapes because her “baby is now a lady.”

First Monthly Period

Gosh! Remember that awkward moment, when something strange suddenly appeared on your undies?  Quite embarrassing, but you had to ask mommy what’s that thing about.  “Am I sick?  What did I eat?”  Those were just the few questions I’m sure you asked.  For sure, your mom was there to tell you that it’s an ordinary thing that happens to girls at your age, a sign that you are blooming to become a lady.  She also suggested what brand of sanitary napkin you’re going use.  Did she also tell you that it’s about time to keep your Barbie dolls and to stop playing hide-and-seek?

First Crush

You called it “puppy love”, right?  Well, can you still recall how your childhood sweetheart looked like?  How about the games you played with him or the chocolates and lollipops he gave you?  Did you keep the funny but sweet notes he gave you?  Gosh, you barely remember them but for sure, you will recall the time when your mom explained to you the meaning of “crush”.  And the reason this certain Andrew was attracted to you was just because you’re nice and a pretty girl.  Then mom added that he may be your boyfriend in the right time.


Well, these are just few of the many moments you and your mom shared together. And now that it’s nearing Mother’s Day, why don’t you write down those memories and put them with photos of mom and you together in a scrapbook?  It’s a nice gift coupled with a sweet “I love you,” a big hug and lots, lots of kisses (not the chocolate, spare her such sweets as she might be diabetic at her age).  For sure, you’ll enjoy reminiscing together!

Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.