A Moist Mouth Protects Against Cavities

Do you know that the most effective and untaken way of maintaining a healthy mouth is right within you? It is saliva. Yes, saliva helps protect our mouth against cavities and other oral problems. It works 24/7 to fight tooth decay.

Moist mouth protects against cavities

Saliva is rich in minerals, calcium, and phosphorus that remineralize our pearly whites, and it neutralizes acids produced by bacteria and sugars. But it is easily depleted when we become dehydrated from sports, medications, vomiting, and stomach refluxes. Therefore, it is important to maintain and keep our mouth moisture all the time.

Having a dry mouth puts you at risk of developing oral problems. To help keep your mouth moist to avoid oral problems, here are things you can do and should not do to treat dry mouth.


Sip plain water often.

Water keeps the mouth moist and loosen mucous. Mucous build up in the mouth can cause bacteria build up that helps hasten tooth decay that can cause bad breath.

Eat chewy or crunchy foods

Chewy and crunchy foods like sugar-free gum, hard cheeses and raw vegetables can help stimulate saliva flow. Having these at hand when water is not available could help maintain the moisture in your mouth.

Listen to your thirst

Saliva is fluid in the body. When you are thirsty, it means your body needs fluid and replenishing is necessary. Every time you feel thirsty, have something healthy to drink.

Talk to your doctor

Talking to your doctor or dentist about using a saliva substitute or topical gel for your gums can determine what best remedy can be done to prevent dry mouth. Some toothpastes help maintain good levels of moisture in the mouth.


Smoke, drink much alcohol or caffeinated drinks, or eat spicy foods

These unhealthy habits help contribute oral problems. They only serve to dry out your mouth further when water is not available.

Breathe through your mouth

When you breathe through your mouth, it causes the moisture in your mouth to dry out faster. When working out wherein breathing through your mouth is necessary at some point, make sure to drink lots of fluids.

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