Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Why is it trending?

Mobile Legends is taking the lead now when it comes to the popularity of the game and number of active players they have around the world. The real question is why do people without any interest and experience in MOBA are easily attracted to Mobile Legends? Let’s sort it out …

PSST Mobile Legends


Unlike any other MOBA for smart phones out there, Mobile Legends is one of the most lightweight MOBA that you can download for your phone. It can run smoothly even on low end android devices as long as you have at least 1gb ram with android 4.0.3 version. The game itself is just 69mb so it won’t hurt your memory.

Network requirements

Other MOBA games require fast and stable internet speed for you to be able to play it smoothly. In this case, Mobile Legends servers are quite impressive when it comes to sustaining the whole server so you can run it even on low data connection. One more reason is because of its graphics. Mobile Legends has low graphics, meaning you can run it on high frames which affect the latency and ping.


If you are new to MOBA and you want to play Mobile Legends, then it wouldn’t be a problem. The gameplay and mechanics of the whole game is beginners friendly. Hardcore gamer who loves to play MOBA will find this game too easy to learn and cope up with. Let’s dig it out one by one why …

1. Controls

Controls in Mobile Legends are slightly different. You will have a virtual joystick on your lower left corner to move and an attack button on your lower right corner surrounded by three ability skills. Controls are easy because it lets you auto attack nearby enemies and creeps as long as it is in your range.

2. No need for shops

Unlike any other MOBA, Mobile Legends does not require you to go to shops for you to be able to buy and equip items. You can buy anytime, anywhere in the map. There’s a button in your upper right corner for the list of items, or you can easily follow the recommended items given.

3. Free heal potions

Who doesn’t love free heal potions? In this game, you don’t have to buy heal potions, all you have to do is wait for its cooldown and you’re good to go. You can use it as many as you want all throughout the game.

4. No more last hitting

Some players took them days to master the last hitting. In this case, they make it easier for you. You’ll receive the same amount of gold and exp whether you killed the creeps or not. The hero sharing with your farm will receive the same amount of gold and exp too.

Overall, Mobile Legends is good for players who are new to MOBA. Everything in this game is beginners friendly, good start if you want to explore the MOBA gaming world.

Alyzza Sanchez

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