MJ Racadio: From Hollywood Red Carpet To Miss Universe

MJ Racadio

A recording artist. A former on-air personality at Rhythm 105.9Fm. An event organizer and producer. A red carpet reporter in Hollywood and the recent Miss Universe held in the Philippines. Public Relations Manager at Big Eyes Events and Productions. A podcaster. A blogger. A publicist. The list could go on and on. Let’s get to know more about the man behind BlogTalk With MJ Racadio as he celebrates 3 years of inspiring and empowering people.

(Feature image courtesy of Hollywood Photographer Natalie Fiteni)

MJ Racadio with PSST Associate Editor Roselle Toledo
MJ Racadio with PSST Associate Editor Roselle Toledo (image courtesy of Via Galang of Versaheel)

Let’s have a flashback three years ago, what has inspired you to do BlogTalk with MJ Racadio?

It’s been a long journey. I was in business school at University of Phoenix and I wanted to speak with someone, sort of vent out but I have no one to talk to. I have so many ideas to share like time management, how to cope up with stress. I was in my bedroom and was just recording my voice and then uploaded on the internet. Before I knew it  America’s First Fil-Am Hollywood Entertainment Podcasting Show, Blog Talk with MJ Racadio has been interviewing famous and influential personalities in the US.

How were you able to get in touch with those personalities?

I send them a letter. A very short, direct to the point letter. I invite them to just spare 10-15 minutes of their time for an interview. My first guest was from Broadway World.

What were the challenges you faced during the first few months of your podcast show?

It’s basically making sure I receive a positive response from the personalities I want to feature.  The tedious task of researching, writing the script, editing. I do it all by myself. And then the challenge of when can I get the next interview. Because the podcast show should be a regular thing.

Did you ever feel disheartened whenever a celebrity turn you down?

Well, so far I was never turned down. I studied how to approach these personalities in such a way that they would want to be interviewed.

MJ with Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach
MJ with Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach

Are there any people who deeply influenced you or do you have any key mentors?

I’ve mentioned my first guest was from Broadway World. He is Oliver Oliveros. He is a Public Relations and Digital Marketing Professional. He does a lot of PR for big theater shows, concerts, and events.

Oliver Oliveros, ‎PR and Digital Marketing Pro -  BroadwayWorld.com
Oliver Oliveros, ‎PR and Digital Marketing Pro -BroadwayWorld.com

I also look up to Janet and Ruben Nepales, the first and only Filipino members of Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It was like a dream when they invited me. The HFPA conducts the Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. I just can’t believe they said yes to me and invited me over to LA.

MJ Racadio
Hollywood power couple journalists Janet and Ruben Nepales (Image: BlogTalk with MJ Racadio)

 They are the power couple and they interview celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Oprah.. you name it. The biggest name in the planet. And I was interviewing them in my show I can’t believe it was happening.

Fritz Friedman, President and Chief Instigator - The Fritz Friedman Co. Former SVP of Worldwide Publicity - Sony Pictures
Fritz Friedman, President and Chief Instigator – The Fritz Friedman Co. Former SVP of Worldwide Publicity – Sony Pictures

Another is one of my good friends Fritz Friedman, former SVP of Worldwide Publicity at Sony Pictures. He is a veteran publicist. I remember his advice. He told me, “Let them  (celebrities) come to you because they need you.”

Jaclyn Jose 2016 Cannes Best Actress (Image: BlogTalk with MJ Racadio)
Jaclyn Jose 2016 Cannes Best Actress (Image: BlogTalk with MJ Racadio)

What is the most memorable event you have covered?

Oh it’s difficult to choose just one. My first Hollywood red carpet event. It was the movie of Anne Curtis, Blood Ransom. I was the only blogger there. And then Metropolitan Fashion Week. Interviewing up and coming Hollywood celebrities. Covering the concerts of David Guetta and Selena Gomez. The Miss Universe held in Manila.

MJ Racadio
MJ with Tia Carrere Hollywood Triple Threat (image: BlogTalk with MJ Racadio)

Fast forward to BlogTalk’s 5th anniversary, how do you see BlogTalk?

You can probably see me on television. But whether tv or online, I’ll continue interviewing people. Share inspiring stories.

Singing "Dahil Sa'yo" with Former First Lady Imelda Marcos (image courtesy of Edwin Leviste)
Singing “Dahil Sa’yo” with Former First Lady Imelda Marcos (image courtesy of Edwin Leviste)

Let’s now talk about you. Tell me something interesting about you that people don’t know yet.

Oh you caught me off guard. Okay, I wake up. Brush my teeth. Eat. Then brush my teeth again. Luckily I have a good toothpaste.

What’s your toothpaste?

RYI Fresh.

If you were to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Crackers. Even if I didn’t eat breakfast as long as I have crackers I’ll be able to survive the day.

I was expecting something like bacon or pizza. What is a typical day for MJ?

I look at my to-do list. I make sure at night I got my schedule for the following day all figured out. If I have enough time, I add more activities for the day.

How about a non-working day?

I sleep a lot. Especially if I came home late from an event and I don’t have anything to do the next day, I make sure I get an 8-hour sleep.

What keeps you sane?

A good massage. Driving around. Nature walk.  Conversations with my family and friends.

You are now #PartoftheStory. Any message to PSST readers?

Tune in to my podcast, BlogTalk with MJ Racadio. The people I interview share inspiring stories. If one person can be inspired by my interviews, I’ll be so happy.

Image courtesy of Eagle Broadcasting Network
Image courtesy of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation

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