Mixy Dy opens Philippine Fashion Week Holiday

Mixy Dy makes her debut at Philippine Fashion Week, by no less than opening its Holiday 2017 season. The young designer, who pursued Fashion Design at New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude, after finishing a Communications degree in Assumption College, introduces her label and design aesthetic through her 25-piece anthology Ode to the Geode.

The collection is formed from two main inspirations: as the collection title indicates, agate geodes, or those gorgeous crystal formations hidden within a rock exterior; and, the empowerment of women through love, both for herself and for others. The clothes echo the geode’s pleasing unpredictability and uniqueness, and are designed to flatter and shine a light on the woman who wears it. The pieces, that range from separates, short dresses, jackets, to evening wear are chic and edgy while remaining wearable, as is the label’s style DNA.

Predominantly monochromatic (black, white and gray), the collection injects a focal pop of color with certain pieces rendered in vibrant fuchsia. The neutral palette presents an effective backdrop to one of the hallmarks of her design – custom-made prints, a number of which carry pattern iterations reminiscent of an agate geode’s cross section along with a print of a woman forming a heart to symbolize love.

Layered fabrics in different textures and weight that create depth and movement, alongside transformable pieces with removable elements, show off Mixy’s profound understanding of fabrics and skill in manipulating them. Shape flattering cuts and the clever use of embellishments strike the right balance between sexy and put-together.


Seen from the first look of a structured bomber jacket paired with short shorts, classy transitional clothing, to gorgeous full-length dresses for special nights out, is Mixy’s objective of creating unique, custom, quality investment pieces that combine high style and functionality, and resonate with women globally.

Mixy’s Ode to the Geode is also peppered with witty contrasts that show the designer’s ability to seamlessly combine different elements in one piece. Notice it in the collection’s first full-length gown that reveals the surprise of a fully sequined pant leg on one side. Bundled up necks are paired with very low necklines and bare shoulders, long sleeves are cut out almost completely on top, while a bulky sweater has a navel-baring hemline.


The pieces, from short printed dresses to two-piece ensembles of wide-legged trousers and skirts paired with bralettes, cropped and low-cut tops, are wearable and polished but uncomplicated, and can easily be incorporated into an existing wardrobe.

The separates can be mixed and matched, and the dresses are sleek and sophisticated without being over the top. These clothes are current, and are meant for women anywhere on the globe who live a dynamic lifestyle and keep in style.

For orders and inquiries, contact Mixy Dy at (917) 839 6499, or email mixydy@gmail.com.

Kathy Kenny


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