What you missed at the biggest Street Food of the year

If you weren’t in town last week, you definitely missed out on the best street food event of the year. Hosted by SM Hypermarket, to say that the food was overflowing would be an understatement. Everything from chicken innards to pigs blood, roasted squid and tokneneng, street food lovers would definitely have had the time of their lives going around trying everything in sight.



The street food culture of the Philippines perfectly sums up how much Filipinos love to eat. We basically can eat almost any part of an animal and almost nothing goes to waste. All kinds of cooking, all styles, sensational mixes of flavors and ingredients, wherein foreign flavors is fused with local tecniques to create truly modern Pinoy versions of different dishes were on display at the Street Food Festival.

For those who want more, SM Hypermarket’s Street Food Festival Roadshows has more to offer than just food. In fact, they had celebrities like Alden Richards, Empy, Chef Boy Logro, and Alessandra de Rossi graced their events.

Aside from good food, the event offered great deals on favorite food buys allowing shoppers to recreate the street food experience in their homes. This was made possible by SM Hypermarket and it’s partner brands like Unilever, Knorr, Maggi, San Miguel, CDO, Alaska, Century Tuna, Del Monte, Bounty Fresh, Farm Fresh, Joy Dishwashing, Delimondo, Mama Sita’s, Selecta Ice Cream, Federated, Arcy, Nestle Ice Cream Temptations, Clara Ole, Mekeni, and Dazz Dishwashing.

The Grand Finale was definitely overflowing with full servings of different cuisines and a buffet of today’s hottest celebrities. Families enjoyed great food at affordable prices which is always the best way to cap SM Hypermarket’s Street Food Festival 2017.

If you missed out this year, you can still give it a go by making sure that you do not miss out the 2018 Street Food Festival and making sure that you immerse yourself in great food with the best people in your life, your family and friends.

Kathy Kenny


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