MILO launches Barangay Sports Program

MILO continues to keep it’s commitment to give the Filipino youth more opportunities to get into sports and not just basketball. MILO  has been an advocate of sports overall with programs that caters to table tennis, basketball, volleyball, judo, and the like.

MILO Champ Camp

MILO recently launched their newest sports programs, the MILO Champ Camp and the Barangay MILO Liga. These programs aim to bring sports closer to grassroots communities by engaging over one million students and 60,000 parent through the MILO Champ Camp and over 500,000 residents in 300 barangays with the Barangay MILO Liga.

Reinforcring sports in a child’s holistic development with the MILO Champ Camp is one of the visions of MILO. These programs will give kids access to sports and encourage them to lead active and healthy lifestyles which is a must.


In partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd), the MILO Champ Camp will tap skilled youth coaches to teach elementary students the basics of basketball, volleyball, and even football at the same time offering parents insightful talks on the value of getting their children into sports and the importance of giving proper nutrition and energy to start the day. The MILO Champ Camp will roll out in 300 public schools in key cities around the country which is estimated to involed 500,000 students and 30,000 parents.

Baranggay MILO Liga

The Barangay MILO Liga program seeks to elevate the yearly community-based tournaments during the summer break through the rehabilitation of facilities and sharing of MILO’s sports advocacy to residents of barangays across the country. The Barangay MILO Liga program spans from Baguio to General Santos City and aims to modernize the community’s sports facilities which will then transform them into MILO Courts of Values. The program began mid-March and is set to culminate in their respective barangay tournament finals some time late April to May.


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