Meet the Sony 77inch Bravia OLED TV

Viewing things on your TV screen has taken a whole different level. Nowadays, TV screens need to compete with mobile phones and their biggest advantage is the bigger screen as well as sharper colors. After all, why bother watching on TV if it’s not bigger, brighter, or bolder?

Sony understands this which is why they came up with the Sony 77inch Bravia OLED TV.


Sony Philippines takes the entertainment piece further with its 77” A1 Model. The Sony BRAVIA OLED boasts of its Picture Quality, Acoustic Surface™ technology, and One Slate Design which make the newest member of the BRAVIA line-up a sleek, sophisticated, and classy must-have piece for anyone’s home.

With its 8 million self-illuminating pixels, the BRAVIA OLED brings an enriched visual experience with the unprecedented blacks, authentic colors, blur-less images, and a wide viewing angle. The X1 Extreme Processor controls the numerous pixels and extends the capability of the organic LED to deliver the exquisite 4K HDR picture.

The Sony BRAVIA OLED is the world’s first large screen TV which emits its high quality sound from the screen itself. Taking advantage of the OLED’s backlight-less structure, Sony has found a way to develop a new Acoustic Surface™ technology which can derive the sound from the screen itself. This allows the perfect unification of picture and sound unattainable by conventional TVs. It is able to produce a wide sound and image synchronization even off to the sides. Together with the wide viewing angle, the A1 series offers unmatched visual and aural experience regardless of the viewing position.

The Acoustic Surface™ technology lends to cutting-edge design of the A1 series by doing away with conventional speakers usually located around the TV. The result is unique stand-less form factor with no distraction from the picture.

The future of TV is Sony and with the BRAVIA OLED, you will never look at TV the same way ever again. The KD-77A1 will be available in selected outlets very soon with a Suggested Retail Price of PhP 811,119.00.

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