McDonalds Unveils Newest and Hottest Spicy Chicken McDo

Diehard fried chicken lovers who wants their chicken to be a little more hot and fiery will be delighted to know that McDonalds take the chicken craving to new heights as they unveiled its latest product, the new Spicy Chicken Mcdo.


In an exclusive tasting event held at McDonalds Frontera, and the other media outlets were teased and given clues beforehand as to what latest product Mcdonalds is unveiling. Herbs and spices were artfully displayed and then the big reveal happened when the newest and hottest Spicy Chicken Mcdo was served.


The Spicy Chicken Mcdo is our favorite classic chicken Mcdo that is marinated in rich delicious blend of spices and breaded in a spicy coating to make us experience the spice from the inside and out. It is deep fried to golden perfection to give us that perfect spicy chicken experience.


Unlike other brands, the blend of spices that McDonalds used is not really a big secret. To enhance and make the flavors exciting, ingredients such as chili, pepper, capsicum, cayenne and the rich blend of garlic and onion were put together. Of course, the only secret is how McDonalds keeps the chicken Mcdo crispy and delicious.


With every bite of the Spicy Chicken Mcdo, you will taste how the meat is juicy and its texture crisp on the outside. The spiciness has the right kick and the aroma is delicious  and will make you hunger for more chicken and yes, more rice.

The NEW Spicy Chicken McDo will be available starting APRIL 13, 2018 at any McDonald’s restaurant nationwide or you can order it via Drive-Thru or McDelivery by dialling 86-2-36.

For more details, visit, or used the McDo PH app.

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