McDonald’s Sundae Your Way

According to Larry Verstraete (1997) in his book, “Who’s Bright Idea Was It?”, it was not chronicled in history who exactly invented ice cream and when it was invented. It was noted that two thousand years ago, Emperor Nero ordered his slaves to get snow from the top of a nearby mountain. Then he flavored the snow with fruit and honey which was considered as the world’s first “water ices.”

People over the centuries created their different variations of “water ices” by adding other ingredients. In 1600, adding cream on it became popular and “cream ices” were born. Since then, creative people have stirred, whipped, and shaped ice cream into a wide array of delicious cold treats which include Ice Cream Sundae.

Ice Cream Sundae was invented by a man named Smithson who owned a food bar in Wisconsin where ice cream was one of his best sellers. On one particular Sunday in 1890, he started running low of ice cream. He had little ice cream but he had so many supplies of fruit, chocolate syrup, and heavy cream. There were no deliveries on Sunday so Smithson did his best not to run out of ice cream supply. What he did was he served small portions of ice cream, topped them with fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. His patrons loved his creation. Through word of mouth, it became popular. People started looking for “Sunday ice cream” from Monday to Sunday. Because the society then was more conservative, people didn’t like using Sunday, the Lord’s Day to name the phenomenal dessert because they considered it wrong. What Smithson did was to change the spelling from “Sunday” to “Sundae”.

Speaking of sundae, McDonald’s Sundae is one of the best in the world. Aside from the usual strawberry and hot fudge, McDonald’s has added just recently a new dessert offering, making your ordinary sundae extraordinarily delicious.

Now you can DIY your McDonald’s Sundae with Sundae Your Way, Php29 with one topping or Php39 with two toppings.

McDonald's Sundae Your Way

You can choose from the following sauces: Strawberry Syrup, Hot FudgeHot Caramel, and Matcha Syrup. Yummy toppings include Crushed Oreo, Sans Rival Bits, Candy Sprinkles, and Mini Marshmallows.

McDonald's Sundae Your Way
There are so many sauces and toppings to choose from.

You can delightfully mix and match the sauce and topping like Matcha Syrup and Crushed Oreo perhaps?

McDonald's Sundae Your Way

Test your sundae-making prowess at McDonald’s Dessert Center near you!

McDonald's Sundae Your Way
Are you already inspired to have some DIY sundae?

Just in case there’s no McDonald’s Dessert Center near you, fret not because all McDonald’s Stores offer these three yummy McFlurry variants to satisfy your sundae craving: Matcha (Php50), Oreo (Php45), and Sans Rival (Php50).

McDonald's Sundae Your Way

What are you waiting for? Indulge and satisfy your sundae craving with Sundae Your Way or McFlurry! You deserve it!

*Featured photos courtesy of McDonald’s Philippines

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