McDonald’s Fish & Fries is finally back

Yes, they are finally back! The British invasion is here once again and we couldn’t be any happier!

The Britons never fail to amaze us with their fantastic culture—and this 2018 is no exception. Get ready for a British invasion as we welcome back a well-loved classic: McDonald’s Fish & Fries! Unleash your inner Brit once more with this smashin’ treat. Do we hear you saying ‘blimey?’

McDonald's_The Brits are coming - McDonald’s Fish & Fries is finally back_Photo

McDonald’s Fish & Fries is a scrumptiously tasty dish that will leave you falling in love after the first bite. This meal features a tender fish fillet with golden crunchy coating–paired with everyone’s favourite World Famous Fries that is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It goes perfectly well with your choice of special dipping sauce: creamy Tartar Sauce, Sweet & Sour, or tangy Thousand Island.

Can’t get enough of this all-time British staple? Now you can have twice the fun when you order the 2-piece Fish & Fries meal! You can also opt to change your Fries to Rice at no added cost. With these new offers, you’ll definitely come back for more!

And while you’re enjoying your well-deserved Fish & Fries fix, don’t forget to check out its new TV commercial! Featuring a group of four young lads, prepare to be amazed (and amused!) as they transform into replicas of an iconic Brit music group—right after tasting the McDonald’s Fish and Fries. You can watch the video HERE.

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