Maxicare Healthcare Corporation Unveils Its New Exclusive Wing in VRP Medical Center

As Maxicare celebrates its 30th anniversary this 2017, another milestone marks its very existence with the opening of the Maxicare Exclusive Wing within the facility of its partner, the VRP Medical Center (VRPMC).


The exclusive unveiling of the Maxicare Exclusive Wing has broadened the partnership between the two organization. From being a regular affiliated provider to setting up a patient’s rooms exclusive for its members at the 8th floor of VRPMC.


Having had long history together, VRPMC and Maxicare traced back its start of their partnership in 1992. For 25 years, VRPMC has been an affiliated hospital of Maxicare and through these years, they have assisted thousands with their joint healthcare service delivery of consultations, confinements, laboratory exams and medical procedures. They serve an average of 2,000 Maxicare members on a monthly basis.

During the celebration and official unveiling, guests and the media were given the tour of the wing. It is amazing how many innovations can be seen in the Maxicare Wing whose main purpose is to give the patients/members care and comfort during the period they needed it most.


The Maxicare Exclusive Wing has 34 artfully designed private rooms and each have been fitted with a brand new air-conditioning unit, cabinets, tables and a Smart HD Television. The ease of access it offers to its members gives them pride and what it provide is incomparable to typical confinements.  Wait… there’s more, patients and their guardians may even access the internet using the free Wi-Fi connection with speeds of up to 50mbps.

Aside from the latest health tools and innovations for utmost healthcare experience, Maxicare members may take advantage of the “EZ admission” procedure which is the prearranged check-in for a reserved room during their elective confinements (planned procedures). Check-outs is also equally hassle-free. There is no longer a line in the hospital cashier as all matters are proactively resolved within the patient’s room with or without incurred excess charges, thus reducing the time spent for check-in and check-out, making the hospital experience more pleasant for the patient and his/her guardian.

This rewarding healthcare experience is the result of VRPMC’s trusted experience of 50 years in the medical industry and Maxicare’s dedication to its commitment to stay strong as the number one Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the country and to serve its members better.


Also, it is the taking advantage of the people’s need for a better healthcare experience as well as capitalizing on the growing number of Maxicare members in the surrounding residential and business hubs near VRPMC.

Given the growing needs of its members, Maxicare also recognizes that healthcare service now more than ever is more demanding and challenging. It should  be provided with greater ease in every step and always partnered with additional lifestyle-related feature that reduces the disruption and inconvenience from the patients’ daily lives when availing of healthcare services and innovations such as the Maxicare Exclusive Wing enables Maxicare to stay at forefront of the HMO industry as it gets to serve more members better and faster.

Caitline Rosseci

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