Marvelous Historic Macabebe Sights and Wonders

Macabebe is a first class municipality of Pampanga, The town is about 67 kilometers and can be reached via bus, auv from Caloocan, Manila or Quezon City.

Since there are no direct routes from Metro Manila, One should drop-off in Apalit and take another jeepney ride going to Masantol. The town is located on southwestern part of the province. Travel time is between 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours from Metro Manila depending on traffic and road conditions.

Battle of Macabebe


Kapampangan word “Macabebe” means ‘Nakabaybay’ in Tagalog, or ‘bordering the river banks’ where the town’s name was derived. Residents were the first known Kapampangans. The place was settled centuries before the Spaniards came.

The place was considered one of the oldest and most important communities of Pampanga during the Spanish colonial period. Macabebe is also known for their fierce mercenaries.

Macabebe can get flooded during high-tide or rainy season. Fishing is still a major source of sustenance and income for its residents. A number of fish pens can be found along the river banks.

Historical Places

Macabebe Townhall and Marker

National Historical Commission of the Philippines inscriptions honor “The Young Leader of Macabebe,” which is described as the hero who “led more than 2,000 Moro warriors from Macabebe, Hagonoy, and other parts of Pampanga to expel Spaniards from Luzon, 31 May 1571.”

San Nicolas de Tolentino Church and Felipe Songsong Marker

San Nicolas de Tolentino church facade is of Barn-style Baroque architecture, with predominantly Neo-classical features.

Felipe Songsong (May 1, 1611 – January 11, 1686) was a Philippine Jesuit. He was born to a noble family of Macabebe, Pampanga. He was the second Filipino Jesuit. He was married and had a son. After the death of his wife, he entered the Society of Jesus at the age of 57 as a donado and volunteered for the mission in the Marianas under Blessed Diego Luis de San Vítores.

sagulfoodpark 080
ornately designed pulpit of San Nicolas de Tolentino church

The first church structure, believed to have been erected between 1576 and 1583 but typhoons and devastation. The current structure dates back around late 17th century.

local wood carvers

Local Industry

Aside from fishing ,pastries, basket weaving . There are some local industry which are backyard wood carvers. They normally make religious images ,wooden decors and statues. The materials are made from santol , mango, jackfruit, acacia, molave wood. Since the supply of the wood is getting scare, some of the religious items are made of fiber resins. Quality of the wood crafts is almost similar to the ones in Betis, Pampanga and Paete in Laguna province.

santo nino wood carvings
santo nino wood carvings

Some of the items would end in flea market bazaars, furniture shop, religious stores or even exported in other countries. They would accept customized for few pieces but bulk orders are always preferred.

Contact Person : Mr. Reggie Viray -0997-337-2053 , 0936-8202078 

La Casa Antigua 1

La Casa Antigua

One of the local landmark is the La Casa Antigua, It is a private family house with eclectic designs and heirloom family collection.

Ace Kitchenette 

Ace Kitchenette
Ace Kitchenette

ACE Kitchenette came from the owner itself of the restaurant, Mrs. Amelia Cruz Esteban. She took the first letters of her name to come up with the name of the said restaurant.

Ace Kitchenette
lumpiang sariwa, pancit miki bihon and longganisa

Ace Kitchenette is one of the most popular restaurant in the town. The quaint restaurant offering home-style meals had a sitting capacity of between 50 to 60 people. Started the operation around 1982.

The shop also offers some Kapampangan delicacies and some pasalubong treats .

ACE serves enticing foods from breakfast, lunch, snacks , dinner and even does catering services. It is open from Monday to Sunday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm . The kitchenette is located just few meters from the poblacion area.

Contact : (045) 377 7265

Note: There are a lot of interesting places to visit in this town and PSST.PH is part of the story. 




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