Marriott West Wing

Marriott Manila has a new wing! To cater to more customers, Marriott has added a new wing and we can give you a sneak peek of what it looks like since it will officially be launched only in June.

There is a connecting bridge from the old wing to the new one but you can also just asked to be dropped off at the West Wing especially if you have your best shoes on. The amiable and efficient staff will get you checked in in no time and you should find yourself lounging in a really spacious room; spacious enough for you to hold a party for a dozen people and still have room to dance.


The room that we stayed in had a spacious bathroom with, a king size bed, a separate sofa, office area, and it was so huge we were able to fit in 2 extra beds and still have a lot of space. When we said that the rooms were spacious, we meant spacious. Sleeping is also not a problem because the room appears to be sound proof since we made a lot of noise during the afternoon and yet no one complained about it.


The West Wing of Marriott Manila also houses The Deck which is their rooftop swimming pool area and Man Ho, the best Chinese restaurant in the metro. We kid you not. It also has STILL, a bar lounge where you can either drink coffee, tea, whiskey, gin, tequila, or a glass of wine, whatever it is that you fancy.


The West Wing is definitely a great addition to the prestige of Marriott Manila and it is ready to welcome you with open arms when you book your next staycation or getaway. Hurry and book now through Marriott Manila.


Kathy Kenny


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