ManilaMed supports Breast Cancer Awareness

More and more hospitals are being vocal about spreading awareness on one of the silent killers of women which is breast cancer. 1 in every 13 Filipina gets afflicted with this and sadly, there is still no cure when caught at a late stage.

Sadly, most Filipinas would choose to not have themselves checked for fear of finding out that they are actually sick, might have to undergo treatment, or worse, is dying. It seems Filipinas still believe in the old adage that “ignorance is bliss.”

Why should we care about breast cancer?

According to THE PHILIPPINE Society of Medical Oncology, breast cancer is so common in the Philippines that one in every 13 Filipinas is expected to develop it in her lifetime. Moreover, the Philippines has been identified as among the having the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia.

In addition, the chances of getting breast cancer increase as one gets older, said Philippine Cancer Society Executive Director Dr. Rachael Rosario.

And men get breast cancer too, although it is rarer. Less than 1% of cancer patients are male, said Dr. Rosario,

Among the risk factors for breast cancer are: being overweight, having no children at the age of 30, having a family history of breast cancer, drinking excessive alcohol, and having early menstruation and later menopause, among others.

Dr. Rosario advises a breast self-check at least once a month, most especially a week after menstruation.



Considering the fact that breast cancer is almost exclusively a woman’s disease, it is extremely alarming that it is the most cancer both locally and abroad, even counting instances of cancer in men.

The situation in the Philippines is particularly alarming, as we experienced a 589% increase in instances of breast cancer over a 30-year period from 1980 to 2010, according to breast cancer watchdog, the Philippine Breast Cancer Network (PBCN). This is the most alarming increase among 187 countries.

While it is considered a “curable” cancer, the sheer volume of incidences makes breast cancer a leading killer cancer as well. PBCN has observed that one in four breast cancer patients will die within five years of acquiring the disease, while a full 40% die within 10 years.

The alarming rise in instances has been global and medical science has not been able to definitively pin down a culprit, or even a set of culprits. Another particularly disturbing development is that breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women between the ages 35 to 54.

While other cancers are reasonably preventable through lifestyle adjustments, Breast Cancer is quite indiscriminate, and short of a “pre-emptive” radical bilateral mastectomy like the one Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie famously opted for, there are no reasonably certain preventive measures.


We were also able to learn a bit more from Dr. Jose Ronaldo delos Santos, President of ManilaMed about how awareness is vital to saving women from breast cancer because the best cure is still EARLY DETECTION.

ManilaMed would like to start it through more awareness. For this campaign, ManilaMed offers 20% discount on Breast Screening Procedures namely, Bilateral Screening Mammogram, Bilateral Screening Sonomammogram, and Combined Mammogram and Sonomammogram for the period, October 1 to 31, 2017.

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