Manage your Inbox

Technology is taking over the world.  Most are using technological devices almost every day, even children at a very tender age.  The once popular handwritten correspondence in personal and business interactions are being replaced by electronic mail.

Manage your Inbox
Manage your Inbox

As others might have experienced its effect on the society we live, some might be just starting to discover the beauty of those e-mail messages.  For everyone – both uncharmed by and excited to use the power of e-mail – shares a list of essential guide to manage that inbox.  Because though having an e-mail can be convenient, cost-effective, and fast, it can also bring a headache if not properly managed.

Set e-mail hour

Just like recess or lunch time, set a schedule to check, read, and answer your e-mail.  When working at home, you may check your mail in the morning and also a few hours before retiring for the night.  As much as possible, manage not to come near your work desk on Sundays and Saturdays.  You may even customize your e-mail response and request a phone call for urgent concern.

Same is true when using your mobile phone in checking the e-mail.  It would help if you disable the beep function prompting you to check your mail as a new message was sent.  Again, for urgent concerns and messages, make a ready reply to call or text you instead.

Have two e-mail addresses

Keep one e-mail address as your primary address.  This will receive correspondence from friends, workmates, and business associates. The other e-mail is for forwarded messages and mass mailings. You could also use this secondary address to give to companies that send offers and ads. You can even set the time when to open your secondary e-mail address. This technique is to lessen your time deleting and skipping messages.

Resist forwarding chain letter

Manage your Inbox
Manage your Inbox

If you hate receiving chain letters, might as well avoid sending them, too.    Or think twice how others would feel if you send them a powerful prayer but at the end states 17 other individuals are getting it in order to protect them from an awful situation.  It wouldn’t hurt if you break the chain.  Surely, no curses have befallen.

It would be proper as well to let the person who sent you chain letters know that you do not entertain such messages.  It is better to be clear from the start than suffer everytime you receive such letter.

Manage your subscription

If a lot of newsletters and subscriptions are clogging up your inbox, be ruthless to unsubscribe. Then next time, be careful with your subscription. Often, we unknowingly subscribe to a new blog or magazine.  As we leave a comment on a blog post, we aren’t aware the subscribe me button was automatically ticked.  Be extra vigilant then.

If, you can’t resist unsubscribing, at least transfer those subscriptions to your secondary address.

Same with giving out your e-mail address.  Categorize people you give your e-mail address to. If he is a potential client, give your primary address, otherwise, he falls in the second address category.

Be a ruthless deleter

Same with the clothes you give up if not worn within a year, delete newsletter subscriptions you haven’t opened in months.  You only try to convince yourself you will read those messages but the truth is, they will remain unopened. Delete them instead.

Put in trash those messages with more than two “Fwd.”  A businessman values his time as much as he values yours.  If his message is urgent and important, he will write in the space subject the topic or issue of the e-mail message.

Be proactive

If you sit down to check your inbox, do so. Finish the task or give yourself a time limit.  Start your day first in writing corresondences. As you might be caught up in responding, you forget you opened your laptop to write in the first place.

In writing an e-mail message, it is fine to make it short.  What is nice about e-mail is that it is great for business communication and short notes.

One thank you to acknowledge receipt of an email is also enough.  Writing back to say welcome to a thank you may start a ridiculous back-and-forth of thank yous and smiley faces.

Manage your inbox

Manage your Inbox
Manage your Inbox

Remember that technology exists to serve you and not the other way around.   If your e-mail becomes demanding and interferes with your life, maybe it’s time to shift focus.  Take control of your time and do not allow such electronic mail to be in authority.

For the next week, as you use your internet and check your e-mail, don’t spend too much time deleting, answering, and ending up frustrated.  Get the upper hand and manage your e-mail before it takes over your life.

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