Make your Makeup Stay on Longer


It all starts with the prepping your skin. Use primer on both your face and eyes. Get more from your makeup with these tips and tricks for the ultimate longevity.



Dub a thin layer of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. Use a tint that’s lighter than what you normally use because this will be your base. Then, using a powder blush, sweep a more vibrant tint over the cream base. Using multiple shades with subtle differences will create a more natural flush. Lightly spritz a setting mist on the sides of your face. Don’t put the applicator too close to your face as the water pressure might dissolve your cheek blush.



Cleanse, tone and exfoliate the night before. After applying your skincare products, seal them in with moisturizer and get plenty of sleep. Makeup will stick better to a fresh and clean canvas. Prep your skin with an oil-free primer. Primer smoothens skin and makes it more even for applying foundation. Sweep a layer of translucent finishing powder after the foundation has dried. Using a big fluffy brush with loose bristles, apply finishing powder with a light touch.



Exfoliate your lips with a gentle scrub then apply lip conditioner to regain its suppleness. Lipstick will fade faster on a cracked surface. Concealer can set as a lip base. It will neutralize your lip’s natural color and bring out the vividness of your lipstick’s pigment. Let the concealer dry before applying lipstick to avoid smudging. Powder eyeshadow or cheek blush can be a finishing layer. Satin and cream lipsticks wear off faster so help them stay put by dabbing powder in a matching color. Trace your lips with lip pencil to finish.



Apply primer that’s specifically formulated for the eyelids. Skin around the eye is more sensitive and needs milder ingredients. Wet your blush then apply a neutral base eyeshadow on your lids. Use beige or white as this will amp up the vibrancy of the color you layer over it. Use a creamy eyeshadow for your base – it stays on longer and absorbs pigment better. Once our eyeshadow has dried, pat a light layer of finishing powder over your lids. This will prevent oil, sweat and a whole lot of blinking from smearing your makeup.

Golden Rules

Do choose waterproof, long-wearing formulas. These key words are usually found on a product’s packaging, so be on he lookout for them the next time you go cosmetics shopping.

Don’t rub, just pat. When you spread the product by rubbing, you waste pigment and create traces of uneven application. Plus, you smear away what was already beneath it. Instead, apply in a light tapping motion that will push the product deeper into pores and fine lines.

Do familiarize yourself with finishes. Matte formulations stay on longer but can dry up the surface. Cream-based products are your best bet when applied the correct way – primer beneath, powder on top.

Don’t be afraid to approach a pro, especially if you need your makeup to stay put during an important event. Ask for contacts of a professional makeup artist or go to the nearest mall and to the counter of your favourite makeup brand. We’re pretty sure, they will be happy to help.

Vance Madrid

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