Make IT Happen with Maybelline

Today’s women is more empowered than ever. Today’s women can make things happen. Today’s women doesn’t wait for someone to do something for her, rather, she makes opportunities happen and she makes her mark in whatever she does.

Today’s women has the ability and courage to express themselves without fear or remorse. They are stronger than ever – whether in beauty, fashion, work, getting fit, and even in their thoughts. Today’s women is in control and though there are rough patches, soon as a moment of inspiration hits them, it pushes them forward to make their dreams happen and Maybelline New York knows this.


Apart from believing in the transformative power of beauty and using the energy of New York and that’s a lot of energy we are talking about to make dreams happen, Maybelline knows that being a venue to share the stories of young successful women is what every Filipina needs to carve out a name for themselves and make IT happen. Whatever that IT is, be it passion, creativity, imagination, fierceness, words, art, sports, or just being plain awesome, Maybelline is here to support every Filipina.

This year, Maybelline New York has decided to take things a notch higher and bring forth it’s “make IT happen” movement as it partners with 10 young Filipina makers by giving them a venue to share their inspirational stories.


“Maybelline has always believed in the power of beauty to make things happen. We want our message on empowerment and possibilities to be a part of every young Filipina’s narrative,” shared Cary Co, Marketing Director of Maybelline Philippines.


Maybelline has chosen the following fun, fierce Filipinas to share their own make it happen stories.

  1. Photographer Sara Black – Make Imagination Happen
  2. Celebrity Stylist Kimi Yap – Make Confidence Happen
  3. Fashion Designer Rosenthal Tee – Make Fashion Happen
  4. Model Maureen Wroblewitz – Make Bold Happen
  5. Calligrapher Alexis Ventura – Make Creativity Happen
  6. Athlete Dennise Lazaro – Make Strength Happen
  7. Education Advocate Arizza Nocum – Make Change Happen
  8. Blogger Lissa Kahayon – Make Ambitious Happen
  9. Fitness Guru Ida Paras – Make Determination Happen
  10. Filmmaker Janina Manipol – Make Dedication Happen

To know more about the Maybelline Maker campaign, visit and watch the latest Maybelline global anthem here:

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