How to make an ex want you back


The transition from having a relationship to having an ex can be very emotional and heartbreaking. It is easy to slip into the idea that you should get back together with your ex, even if deep down you know that it would not be the wisest decision. Still, if you feel you would like to get back together with your ex (or if you just want them to think that you do) there are some things you can try.

Be aloof

Don’t chase your ex! You want them to want you back, so you must play hard to get. Let them come to you.

Stay in Contact

This way you can still be involved in your ex’s life and maybe, if you are comfortable with the idea, spend time with them. But remember, do this if you ex isn’t the abusive type or a narcissist one. If he was, don’t ever think about it! 

Look amazing

In the Filipino language, we had this word called “panghihinayang.” Let your ex feel that kind of emotion when he or she sees you. Take this time to start exercising, get in shape, change your hairstyle, get a new look–anything to make yourself look fresh and attractive. Your ex will be the first one to turn his head to take a look when you come walking by.

Be your best self.

Get involved with organizations, volunteer at charitable institutions or events or advocacy that matter to you. Study hard if you are still in school, work hard if you have a job. Be your best and your ex will notice that you have turned over a new leaf.

Make yourself busy and productive

Get involved with as many projects as you can. Do not always be available when your ex calls; let him know that you have a life without them. He will enjoy the chase.

Don’t change who you are

Your previous relationship did not end simply because you did something wrong. You do not need to become a totally different person; just accept your shortcomings and try to make the best of them. Your ex fell in love with you for who you were before, and he can again if you do not change yourself.

Be confident in yourself.

You are a good, desirable and lovable person. Your ex knows this, or else he would have never dated or married you in the first place. Remain proud of who you are and your ex will remain interested in what you have to offer.

Vance Madrid

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