How to Make Your Christmas Special?


Red and Green are the classic color symbols of Christmas. Green signifies life, and at Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the eternal life He promises for us. The color red can hold different meanings all over the world. The Christian belief is that it represents love and passion – like that of Christ’s love and sacrifice for the world.

You may use a wreath as a centerpiece. It adds instant color to your table and can be decorated to match any theme.

Decorate the table with Christmas ornaments for a playful and whimsical look.

Edible centerpieces and accessories will keep the children glued to their seats. Fill bright red and green bowls with cookies and chocolates, pretzels, and crisps.


Hold the kids’ interest by playing games. If you have lots of space, you can have song and dance numbers or play charades. You can also put a twist on the traditional Advent calendar by having each of your little guests pick a day and receive a corresponding prize or gift.

One great way to teach kids about table manners and etiquette is by asking time to help set the table. It’s a chance for you to explain exactly what each fork and spoon is used for, to remind them to put the napkin on their lap before the meal begins, and to share with your little co-host the planned menu for the evening.

Christmas is a religious holiday. Most of us would usually go to church on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas night, it’s best to read the kids the story of Christmas and Jesus’ birth. It’s another way for us to make sure that our kids understand why this day is so special.

Opening gifts is always the highlight of Christmas day for kids. While some kids get more gifts than others, there are several gifts that any kids (or all kids) will enjoy. It’s best if we could put “To: KIDS” on the tag and let whichever child is done opening gifts open those gifts. No matter how hard you try, kids don’t understand that some gifts are worth more than others.

 No matter where you live, someone nearby probably goes all out on the annual Christmas lights display. Put some cocoa in your thermos, bundle up the family, and spend an evening driving around looking at the amazing Christmas lights displays.

For many families, the holiday celebrating starts the day before Christmas with a large feast and midnight mass. Create your own special memories the day before Christmas with the above named fun ideas.

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