Maintain Healthy Skin Even After Sun Exposure


A day in the sun can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Whether you are exploring a city during a break, or laying on the beach, the warmth of the sun can make you feel at ease. But exposure to the sun’s rays can leave your skin feeling dry, lacklustre and above all, damaged. Here are 5 ways to look after your skin, following sun exposure to ensure it remains hydrated, soft and healthy:

Cool off in the shower

Chlorine from swimming pools and salt water from the sea can magnify the sun’s rays and dehydrate skin. By having a cool shower after exposure to water and sun, you can help cool down the skin and help keep it clean.

Guzzled up with H2O and Stay hydrated

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, so of course it is vital to keep hydrated. Keeping the skin well moistened – particularly when out in the sun is doubly important, particularly when the rays have a drying affect and the heat will cause sweating. Keep yourself topped up with ice cold water to not only keep you refreshed and hydrated, but your skin too.


Apply an after-sun lotion or moisturizing cream to help lock in layers of moisture into your skin after a drying day in the sun. If you have a minibar in your hotel room, or fridge in your holiday villa, try keeping your after-sun in there for a cooling, refreshing sensation when applying, whilst benefiting from the moisture.

 Avoid excessive exfoliating

If you missed a spot with the sun cream, some areas of your body may experience some peeling of the skin. However, tempting it may be, it’s important to let the skin peel naturally, and avoid body scrubs or exfoliation mitts that might aggravate the areas and cause soreness.

Have a backup plan in case of sunburn

Even if you follow careful sun care advice, wearing plenty of sunscreen and avoiding the sun at peak times, sunburn can unfortunately still strike. Aloe vera can help soothe your skin.  Aloe has properties which takes the sting from burnt skin, and the soothing and rehydrating emollient  to help lock in moisture, reduce skin tightness and minimize any further irritation from clothing.

Vance Madrid

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