Love WeekendZZZ with McDelivery

Looking forward to weekends after a heavy week at work or in school? Treat yourself by relaxing and staying at the comfort of your own home, as you let McDelivery bring your all-time favorite McDonald’s meals through its fast, convenient, and efficient service just like in its newest online video, “Love Weekendzzz Like This” which you can watch here.

McDonald’s shows exactly how McDelivery is a sure way to make your weekends better by having your favorite McDonald’s products, like the best-tasting Chicken McDo in a McShare Box delivered right at your doorstep. You can enjoy delicious McDo meals while bonding with your family or loved ones, catching up on your favorite TV series (before someone spoils it), reading the weekend newspaper, or simply letting time pass as you lie in bed with your cat.


All you have to do is visit, download the McDelivery app, or call 86-2-36.

Spend your weekends like this by pampering yourself and share your uninterrupted experience with McDelivery. Tag us on Facebook,, or at @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with #LoveWeekendZZZ.

Kathy Kenny


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